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Is 10adspay.com A Scam? 10adspay.com Review

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Before we talk about whether or not 10adspay.com is a scam, I would like to mention that over the years, Revenue Share programs have been on the rise in the online money making industry.
Many online marketers struggle to make via multi level marketing and affiliate marketing so many have resorted to revenue shares and high yield investment programs as the easier way out.
The top recruiters in the online marketing game, also use this medium o make even more money, since it is way easier to promote programs that doesn’t require referring to earn.

That said, I personally think 97% of Revenue shares have expiry dates, since the business model is not sustainable.
Though I hate to admit it, Revenue shares are ponzi schemes.
Once there are no new members joining tp pump fresh money into the system, and old members continue to repurchase with their ad packs without putting in fresh money from the pocket, the system will collapse eventually.

Because they won’t stay around forever, you have to learn how to prevent losing money in revenue shares.
Mypayingads so far have earned my trust, since they are trying everything possible to make the program sustainable.
Even with that, they may only last for about 4 to 5 years, I presume, unless they are able to push funds into the system from external sources, like it is done at Futurenet.

The expiry date for most revenue shares is two to three years, but with Mypayingads, I predict they would grow stronger, despite the recent change in policies, introduced as a long term plan.

Now to the subject matter: Is 10adspay.com A Scam?
Let us scrutinize 10adspay:

If you ask me, the website looks cheap.
But hey, that is how most businesses begin, even industry giants like myadvertisingpays and mypayingads began quite cheaply too.

About 10adspay.com:
1oadspay.com was launched on the 8th of June, 2016, almost a year now.
Total members as at 8th June, 2017 was 24044, with  total payouts of $1,617,979.33.

“At 10Adspay we are committed to provide you with the best online advertising and digital marketing services and products. Our sole business goal is to have a long lasting relationship with you and as a result we have consciously crafted a long lasting adpack plan. Following are the three adpack plans currently :
Personal AdPack:
Plan($2 per adpack), Revenue share rewards up to 110%*.

Corporate/Enterprise AdPack Plan:
$50 per adpack, Revenue share rewards up to 120%*.

SMB (Small-Medium Business) AdPack Plan:
$25 per adpack, Revenue share rewards up to 115%*

Owner/owners were not mentioned, so you are doing business with a ghost! The owners are unknown.

Withdrawals are enabled 7 days a week, and one thing I find shocking is that there are No Membership fees!
Wow! How can the program be sustained then?
Well maybe it would be mentioned in their Products and Services.

Product and Services

They mentioned Traffic exchange, PPC banners, PPC advertisements, banners, text ads, login ads, just like all revenue shares.
The only unique product they mentioned was Anti-Virus Products.
According to 1oadspay.com:

“We are authorised and verified business partners with AVG which is one of the world’s leading internet security solutions company. Apart from Advertising and Digital Marketing solutions, we also offer sales of AVG’s world class leading Business licensed Anti-Virus and other Internet security products.

About AVG – AVG deliver software and online services. AVG is also a multi-award winning company with a proven track record of high quality digital products.

Disclaimer – We do not offer remote Anti-virus removal or remote support and consulting services, we only offer one time sale of products and its license keys to our customers and members.”

Maybe this is where they get their external funds to sustain the program, which is no where near enough.

My Judgement:
From my experience in revenue shares, this looks nothing different from all the others that came and left without giving notices.
Apart from the ant-virus product, which I don’t think can generate the weight of funds to sustain the program, I don’t see their plans as long term.
I would be very surprised if they are still around by the end of the 2017. How the heck could this program be sustained without membership fees?
They might be paying now like the others, but it doesn’t make 10adspay.com legit.
My pronouncement therefore is that 10adspay.com is a SCAM!

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Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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