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What Is MDCM- My Daily Cash Machine, What Are The Masses Saying?

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About MDCM

My Daily Cash Machine provides advertising packages to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

My Daily Cash Machine was designed to provide quality traffic for site owners all around the world. With our unique combination of CPA offers, external traffic purchases as well as internal traffic, we have the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website. Also, due to the fact we have a large source of external funds coming into the system, we are able to share the profits with our members who qualify to share the profits. We also provide the ability for clients to purchase advertising space on our network without the need to register or login to our system.


One of our major sources of external income is running our own CPA Network.
You can also join this at http://mdcm-cpa.com



My Daily Cash Machine provides targeted traffic to your websites. We can offer geo-location as well.

You can choose to be either just an Advertiser, where you pay us to display your websites, and do not receive any revenue shared, or you can sign-up as an Earner.

An Earner has the opportunity to buy an Adpack of $35, which gives them the opportunity to share in the revenue the site makes on a daily basis, up to 120%. The requirement to qualify to earn is to have an active Adpack. To qualify for an active Adpack, you need to surf a minimum of 15 websites per 24 hour period. The payment you receive every day in your ad balance is an incentive to view websites.

You can of course signup to be both an Advertiser as well as an Earner.



CPA Offers: CPA stands for Cost Per Action. If you complete certain tasks, 3rd party advertisers will pay you for completing the task. We have our own CPA-Network as well, where you can earn money and even buy Adpacks with it. You can join MDCM CPA Network here.
CPA offers make up a huge proportion of our external income, and all profits get distributed on a daily basis and is shared amongst qualified users.Adpacks: Purchasing a $35 Adpack gives you page views for your website, and you could share in the profit up to a total of 120%. There is no fixed amount earned each day, and is largely reliant on members doing CPA offers on a daily basis, and if you have surfed your minimum of 15 websites per 24 hour period.TrafficGrid: A picture of 100 blocks, each one containing a website to visit. You have 20 chances to win up to $5.Cashlinks: Occasionally members will buy cashlinks. The person who buys a cashlink and a person who clicks the cashlink shares the profit of this.Traffic Exchange: Surf websites and earn money. Once you have locked in your payment processor, you can withdraw your traffic exchange balance. (first withdrawal is $10, and then $5 after that)

What Are The Masses Saying About MDCM?
“There has never before been a rev share on the web like MDCM. Never! MDCM is the first rev share to not only incorporate CPA offers into the game, MDCM was the first rev share to own our very own CPA network which we share all the revenue from. MDCM was the first rev share to have a gaming platform within its website. Now MDCM is set to establish yet another precedent: MDCM is about to unleash a whole other website platform for the purpose of gaining revenue to share with our members. We first brought you MDCM CPA Network. Wait until you see what we have next. MDCM is about to further show the world that the rev share game isn’t dead because MDCM is very much alive and kicking!” – William G Bryant – USA

“In a few hours I will be reaching another milestone of $20 000 earnings in My Daily Cash Machine
Every moment of the day when I view my account and those of my friends in the business, I always become more impressed by our tremendous collective team work. The reason for this is that MDCM is restoring hope in many like myself who have lost money in previous similar programs in the past.. MDCMS also restores nobility in this word which seemed lost for ever: Sharing
Sharing is Back !” – Sulvie Lenoir – France

“This company has literally started to pay off my mortgage in 113 days. Cannot wait to see my team grow here and show some of there results. I know 2 of them just about to hit the 25k mark.
MDCM making sharing great again”

“113th day in MDCM. So i love to show my journey daily if i can and here is where we sit as of the 113th day. My next Goal was to hit 40k within 10 days of reaching my 30k. I am going to miss my goal by about 3 days according to my calculations based off past 3 days. Pretty pleased to have added 2000 more since my last update.

MDCM making sharing great again.”
– Lee Oshea – Dubai, UAE

“Day 17/30. $280 away from 25k….. What an amazing revenue sharing company…You can take me serious on this or not. Look past it or start earning. You got to have the vision to change your life. Mediocrity is a state of mind. I don’t want to be like the rest. I will outshine every opponent.- Dewaal Carstens – Dubai UAE

“My Daily Cash Machine has been the Best Place for me to Grow my Bitcoins this Year hands down. I have been making over $1,000 a day for about a month now and we are nearing a $1,000,000 earned since May.”
– Kaleem Ahmad – USA

If you are yet to join MDCM, CLICK HERE to get started and get back to me after sign up on Facebook for guidance at https://www.facebook.com/mixter.karisma, that is my social profile or at https://www.facebook.com/emmanuel.oseikobbyjunior on my business profile.

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