Smart Income Office is owned by Emmanuel Osei(Karisma)

Emmanuel Osei is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a music artiste.
Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an Online Business Coach.

Emmanuel enjoys one of the most boring things in the world which is writing, thus he channeled that to blogging.
It has always been Emmanuel’s dream to on globetrotting, one of the reasons that led to his resignation from his work place, to go full time into online marketing as being his own boss gives him the freedom to live to work and not work to live.
When you live to work, you have time for family and friends, you work whenever you want, you close whenever you want, you choose your working hours……..
This is life.

Emmanuel loves to listen to music, watch football, go on expeditions, surf the internet etc.

Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com