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Is Adpackpro A Scam?

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I am yet to join Adpackpro but it has some of the best reviews about revenue shares on the world wide web.
Like Futureadpro, Adpackpro is only a department of a full company. Adpackpro is owned by the internet marketing group called OneVision Holding AG of which Jeroen Smid, a freelance SEO trainer, is one of the founders.

Recently, Adpackpro changed its compensation plan, making earnings quite slow at adpackpro.
It is a direction aimed at long term goals however, though members complained.

Your earnings would build up very slowly due to the new compensation plan, which is realistic. If you want a long term program, then I recommend Adpackpro, because it is going to be around for years due to the new policies put in place.

About Adpackpro:

“Many creative and intelligend people with a common vision – that is the OneVision Holding AG. The basic idea of the founders to combine the Know-How of several experts from different sectors, as well as their networks, to create a innovative Online Company, arose in May, 2015.

As they knew each other, they promptly met in Marbella for some constructive discussions. Starting from the basic idea, within months the OneVision Holding AG came to being. The range of products and services is steadily and unstobbably increasing. From the beginning the claim for their own products and services was and is still high and is unique.

The starting signal sounded with the program „jopbooster“. This is a online software kit, which qualifies People to design and create their texts optimized for search, so that their websites will actually be found in the World Wide Web. Since of what use is a beautiful website, if nobody will find it. In the meantime the „jopbooster“ has evolved and is available in several configuration level.

At the same time a trainings concept in subject to SEO was developed and is continuously taught in training courses by highly qualified Trainers of the Onevision Holding AG. From the beginning strategic partnerships were a very important step for the development of the Holding. For this reason the Onevision Holding AG soon came to terms for a cooperation as well as Know-How Transfer with the Humboldt School, indisoft and others.” – Adpackpro.

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