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How To Prevent Fraudsters From Stealing Money From Your ATM Card

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With the rise of technology in the 21st Century and electronics getting smarter, thieves are also getting smarter.
To every new technology developed to make life easier, a thief develops his own to counter-attack.
Smart Income Office would like to share with you some tips on how to prevent fraudsters from withdrawing your hard earned money from your card:

1) Create Multiple Bank Accounts
-Create a current account for salary or income.
-Create a savings account.
Now, apply for an atm card for the current account only and never keep funds in that account for too long.

1 week maximum, withdraw the amount you’d like to save and deposit into your savings account,
leaving behind the amount you will use for the month.
Example; transportation, errands, groceries etc.
To be on a more safer side, you can choose to withdraw everything left and keep it at home to use for the month.

2)Do Not Apply For An Atm Card For Your Savings Account:
It is suicidal to link your savings account with an ATM card in the sense that you are indirectly inviting fraudsters to gain access to your entire life savings! When they eventually lay hands on this account, be rest assured that they will only leave behind peanuts for you to retire on.

You could misplace your card linked to your life savings in a taxi or at work.
Now, if a thief comes across your atm card and he/she doesn’t have the smart tools to decode your secret code, he could easily shop online with all your hard earned money since every detail needed for online shopping is on the card!

Why do you need to do this?

You see, if you keep funds (salary/income) too long in your current account which is linked to an ATM card, the probability of you losing everything when a thief gets access to your card is very high.
To be on the safer side, withdraw the amount you intend to save and deposit into your savings account.
Then you can choose to withdraw the amount left to use for the month or keep it there on the card and go cash out whenever the need arises.
By so doing, if any fraudster gets access to the funds in your account, you wouldn’t lose all your hard earned salary.

3)Try To Stay Away From Ghetto/Market/Bus Station ATM Machines:
Lately, these smart fraudsters have tools to capture the secret code of every atm user.
What they do is, they insert this card into the machine, pretending they are doing a transaction.
On the other hand, this card is a device that will capture your ATM code number when you insert your card after them! Anybody that inserts their card after them, would have their card codes captured!
So after capturing your codes, they withdraw money from each and every account using their universal Atm cards!
You are doomed if your ATM card is linked to your savings account!
To almost prevent this, try to withdraw funds at ATM machines in an ATM hall/booth in the bank premises.
It is safer to withdraw moneys at these places.

4)Avoid the habit of revealing your card details to people, even friends!
Never ask a friend to go withdraw money on your behalf with your card!
He/She may not withdraw more than what you asked for but he/she might copy your details and shop online with it or give the details out to a 3rd party to shop with it.
Never trust people too much.

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