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best adsense alternatives

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives 2017

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Perhaps your adsense application has been rejected many times by Google, or you have been unfortunately banned by Google for activities that were no fault of yours like Click-Bombing.
Well, honestly speaking, no adnetwork company does it better than Google Adsense!
It is hard to find an adnetwork company that pays better and displays more quality ads than Google Adsense.
If you are a publisher, Google adsense is currently the best option if you want to make money from adnetworks.
That is one of the major ways bloggers make money.
Like I said, no one does it better than Google adsense but there are however some Adnetworks that do come somewhat close.
Personally I am yet to try most of these adnetworks because I use only adsense.
I signed up for media.net not long ago, will give the rest a shot later.
The list below is therefore based on other users experiences and general reviews.

“Founded by serial internet entrepreneur, Divyank Turakhia, Media.net is a leading global advertising technology company that develops innovative products for both publishers and advertisers. It provides the full spectrum of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to its large, diversified client base worldwide, and has one of the most comprehensive ad tech portfolios in the industry.

By market cap, Media.net is one of the Top 5 largest ad tech companies worldwide. By revenue, Media.net is the #2 largest contextual advertising business worldwide.

Media.net has 800+ employees in key operation centers across – New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai & Bangalore. Media.net’s US HQ is based in New York, and Global HQ in Dubai.”

Like I mentioned, I have signed up for medianet, will give updates soon.
I have been told it is the best alternative to adsense.
Looks professionally run. Let’s see how it goes.

2.PropellerAds Media
“Propeller Ads is an internet media company that is sharply focused on delivering the easiest, most effective, and reliable global digital advertising platform.

The company was founded in 2011, out of a desire to create a better bridge between publisher and advertiser. We understand that both sides need to be equally catered for in order to have a truly successful network. Out of this idea our innovative user-friendly ecosystem was born, and with it our simple and direct mission statement – Advertise Easy.

Our advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app. It’s important for ad formats to be optimized for each channel, so it’s a good thing that we are obsessed with the modernization of our algorithms and the use of the latest technologies. It’s our goal to always see where the next changes are coming from and adapt quickly to ensure that our publishers and advertisers are always one step ahead of their competition.

We offer a flexible and transparent bidding model that delivers real market value to both publishers and advertisers. Our publishers are thrilled to receive maximum earnings from their site, particularly with our pop-under solutions, which are industry leading and offer the highest CPM rates in the industry. While our advertisers have access to a massive selection of premium sites, no wasted money due to our stringent optimizations, and they receive a dedicated account manager to ensure world class service.

We’re in the midst of an exciting time in online advertising. At Propeller Ads believe that we’re the best partner for publishers and advertisers that are looking to get the most value out of an advertising network.”

Well based on a lot of user experiences, this is best for viral/news blogs.
Though their pop up ads may be annoying, ads have been optimized to get you the clicks to enable publishers make more money. I am yet to try it though, will keep you updated.

See what is possible with PopAds, re-discover potential
PopAds is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet.
We guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than us! Just register and see for yourself. Prepare to be astonished!”

That was from the horse’s own mouth and not mine.
Well I have heard about popads, and just like propeller, I was told the earning potential here is huge too. But hey, you must be prepared to lose some visitors at pop ups and pop-unders are so annoying.

“Infolinks aims to provide a global advertising solution that gives value to all three ends
of the advertising chain through our unique ad platform.

By extracting user intent in real-time, our technology renders high engagement ad units, and runs
a keyword-based real time bidding auction, all in order to deliver a perfectly timed, perfectly relevant ad.

In doing so, Infolinks is the third largest marketplace of sites in the world.
Our platform drives revenue for over 150,000 sites in 128 countries.

Infolinks is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel and company offices
in New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires.”


“Founded: 2003

Location: Headquarters in Westborough, MA and offices in Hyderabad, India

Awards & Accolades: Red Herring Global Top 100, AlwaysOn Northeast Top 100, Silicon India Top 100, MITX Technology Awards Finalist, DPAC Award Finalist for Best Mobile Advertising Network Innovation

What does Chitika mean? Chitika (pronounced Chih-tih-ka) means “snap of the fingers”, in Telugu (a South Indian Language), and represents the speed at which Chitika online ads display on a website.

At Chitika, we only show ads to users when and where they want to see them. It’s one of many things that set us apart from the competition, like:

  • Our network of 350,000+quality publishers
  • Our four billionstrategically targeted ads served per month
  • Access to top tier advertising partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor

Proprietary targeting and optimization technology that leverages the power of programmatic buying to serve precisely the right ad, at the right time.”

“Started in 2003, Adversal was built to focus primarily on a growing demand for pop advertising. As the need for a greater offering was highlighted in the marketplace, our service quickly expanded outwards to include additional mediums. Today, Adversal reaches a global audience through the use of various media types.”

RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo targeted Ad Serving technology.

Our innovative Ad Network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more.

RevenueHits is owned and operated by Intango Ltd. – a privately-held, Israeli-based, start-up company founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, finance experts and successful online marketers.

Our technology enables us to scan millions of online ads and analyze their performance over time. Our huge inventory of ads is comprised of effective text and display ads that promotes performance-base offers. By serving these proven ads we help our publishers increase revenue and improve their bottom line.”

“BuySellAds drives access to and activation of the most loyal audiences online, at scale. The story of digital advertising and online marketing has long been a numbers game – “expand our reach” and “grow our fans” is a common ask of marketers today. This has been especially challenging as brands became storytellers themselves through content marketing.

BuySellAds provides a single solution for this challenge, bringing the best independent publishers in the world together with advertisers that value relevance and context and who actively want to track, measure and optimize the performance of their creative.

Simply put, high-quality content creators attract loyal, curious and similarly passionate audiences. With a 5% acceptance rate into our publisher marketplace, brands can rest assured they are only accessing the best digital content and associated audiences.

Yet forget talking to 30 publishers or 30 advertisers each month. With BSA, both sides transact as they please, with audience, pricing and placement guarantees that are transparent before a deal is done. Publishers retain the right to decline an ad as well. Sustainability and control – it’s no longer a pipe dream.

We would argue that marketing in context – long a favorite tactic via television and magazines – has lost its shine in digital. Yet today, in the wake of content marketing and the rise of native advertising, reaching passionate, engaged consumers at scale is back and they’re only accessible in context. Advertisers require the power of high-quality content creators paired with technology that can guarantee, automate and simplify the process – BSA is the de facto solution.

We’ve been doing what’s now being called “programmatic direct” or “automated guaranteed” since 2008; but, unlike the newer players, we sell over 6B impressions a month. We don’t need a new category to know that reaching a passionate audience is the desire of both content creators and brands. Being the conduit for supply meeting demand is a huge business opportunity. Join us.”

With roots in direct marketing, Content.ad was one of the first companies to offer successful content marketing services to online advertisers at scale. From there, we created one of the largest native sponsored content networks in the world.

Successful online marketing is difficult. Advertisers can easily waste their online spend with little or no results. Content.ad helps advertisers to quickly understand their true costs, and optimize creatives and placements to achieve positive ROI. And, in many cases, we are able to massively scale these successful campaigns.
Little wonder then that for many of our clients, Content.ad quickly becomes one of their largest and most trusted sources of online traffic and sales. Our secret to success? Our people and our technology. They go hand-in hand and they make us special.

For our publishers, this means that we consistently deliver among the highest earnings rates in the industry. It also means that we constantly offer new cutting edge tools and features that make it a pleasure to do business with us.”

10.Amazon Associates
This is new on one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites.
I am yet to try this one too, but I leaned it works well when you write about product reviews.

None of the above beats Google Adsense honestly but try these out to find the one that works best for you.
I know publishers who make more money from some of these than they make from adsense so all is not lost.
Don’t forget to leave your opinions and suggestions in the comment box.

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