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Top 5 Web Host Affiliate Programs That Pay

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Web host affiliate programs are good sources of income if you are an affiliate marketer. Because the competition in  web hosting services is huge, almost all web hosts have tempting affiliate programs aimed at bringing in more customers. Unfortunately, a lot of these web host affiliate programs are fake, it is a scam.

Many of these web hosts would go bankrupt if they pay these unrealistic affiliate commissions. They use these affiliate programs as baits to sign up more customers. Ipage is a number one culprit!

Below listed are web host affiliate programs that actually pay:

Aside being one of the best host providers out there, Siteground are one of the few website hosts that actually pay.
I have done intensive research about web host affiliate programs that pay, and Siteground is most definitely one of them.
I have seen payment proofs from Siteground affiliate programs.
Here are some random testimonials:

“How I made $8k in January 2017,by promoting Siteground(Promoting them on my speed tutorials)” – Tom Dupuis of  www.onlinemediamasters.com.
“SiteGround affiliate program is one of my favorite web hosting affiliate programs, although the commission is a little bit low if we compared it to other web hosting refferral programs like Bluehost, yet it is easy to promote and as you said it has high conversion rate.” – Alex
These and a whole lot more.

Though iPage and Bluehost belong to the same group – EIG, and iPay doesn’t pay, I barely see bad reviews about Bluehost affiliate program.
Here are some random reviews:
“I use Bluehost and have had no trouble, they are very helpful and I would reccomend them from my experience. If you create your own products you can include an affiliate link in the resources or recommended or include it on your blog which might bring a few sales.
Big money on hosting is usaully made on the back end of a sale, usually a free website is offered. These kind of deals are usually the get rich quick push button kind of stuff.

Good luck


“Bluehost has very positive comments at webhostingtalk.com. One of the more prominent members here, Dennis Gaskill, uses it, and advertises it. He has for some time and I’m sure if the affiliate program had problems, he wouldn’t.”- Lloyd
“Take a look at Pat Flynn’s’ income report at smartpassiveincome.com. He does pretty well from Bluehost.Personally I have found Bluehost to be great to work with; really helpful team of guys over there.”- Anonymous
“If you make only one sale, they will keep the $65 commision. They pay out only after the first $100, if you make no other sales you’ll never get the commission.” – Curtis
“Here’s what I can tell you:1) The bigger guys can afford to pay more. Bluehost is a bigger guy. $65 one time payment is about as good as it gets.2) An example of a host that pays monthly for affiliate commission is WebFaction.
At OutsourceFactor we’ve them on podcasts before. Very good host, but 10% recurring fee to affiliates. So that means getting about $1/month or $12/year. It would take 6 years to get the same value out of your customer. That’s too long.3) Someone mentioned a $5/month affiliate payment. I would like to see that. I doubt it highly. Why? Because that’s over 50% payout on most of the hosting plans that exist. It would kill the host’s profitability.

If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Bluehost, BTW, pays reliably. Their tracking works. They are a decent host. I’ve personally been on BH for many years.

Chris @ OSF
(cofounder)” – Chris
“I have heard only positive things about BlueHost affiliate program, and I’m just starting to promote them also..Until now I was promoting hostgator, but their payouts sucks..”- Dylan
“Jensha, I’ve been with BlueHost since 2003, I recommend them

You can also go through your link and purchase hosting and they won’t yank the commission out of your hand like some other companies (startlogic, webhostingpad)

I signed up for a new account three weeks ago and minus the commission got a year of webhosting for only $15 dollars.

Like I said I’d recommend them” – Dale
“I’ve been making some easy money with the bluehost referral program for a couple years. I would recommend it!” – Paul C

Click Here To Sign Up At Bluehost

One.com pays, period.
I personally knows a friend who has been using one.com for years and yes, they do pay.
They $10 for their referral program and $15 for the affiliate program.
Here is my friend’s comment: “Oh yea they do pay. My business website has been on one.com since 2013, this is the 4th year. Never had a single downtime, not for a second” – Louis.
Go register at one.com and make some 10 bucks over and over.

Natroteck pays period. I am struggling to find any fault with this host.
They are not popular but their services are top notch.
I know because I have an account with Nakroteck.
I have used ipage and bluehost but Nakroteck has the best customer service between the three, from my experiences.
Click here to sign up with Nakroteck.

5)Wp Engine:
I don’t know much about Wp Engine but from the reviews they get, they surely do pay. I am yet to see a bad review abut Wp Engine.
Check this review out by editor of sparkprofits.com:
“I’ve been using the WP Engine affiliate program now for a couple years, and it’s consistently one of my top earners. The conversion rates are solid for the price point (a bit higher than most at $29/month) but the service quality is high, and the commissions match at $200+ per sale. You get paid $200 minimum per referral or 100% of the first month, whichever is higher, so if you refer someone to their enterprise plans you could see $249 to thousands of dollars as a commission.

As the name suggests, they only do WordPress hosting – and are generally targeted towards people who have big sites or need high-performance hosting. I generally refer serious bloggers and clients of mine who need quality hosting to WP Engine, just because I know they’ll be taken care of. They automatically implement a CDN and high-performance server caching so you only need to focus on your design and content.

WP Engine has gone from one of my ‘well, let’s give them a try’ hosts to one of my favorites to refer.”

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