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Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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    My Bro I was about to learn more from you until i realize the link to your free Crypto is not working………lol but thats a very good opinion but i read wide about them and realize the explained much of
    1.Why and how they accept mobile money.
    2.Though its not a lengthy thing but investing early is a huge advantage

    There is a guy eho has also earn from them and explain even how you can even withdraw from their site and here is he link to his
    page http://tiny.cc/a883zy

    So on my opinion I think one can join and make it but should not let it be where he want to make a residual or passive income and avoid investing high.Cos even betting people do it,lol.
    Thank you.

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    So it your mining, that is real…
    You are the real scammer.

    Boost pal has been existence for 3 years,and they have never failed in payment provided you stick to their terms….

    Why would some run a ponzi scheme and pay with bitcoins,only transaction fees alone will kill such company..

    Why different bitcoin address ???

    Yes the site is under construction.

    Plz no body should fall this guys ,mining o.
    Mining is ponzi .

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    Hello, out of curiosity I signed up for the scam and it was too easy to realize the “ponzi” scheme. It claims to pay these huge returns than what YouTube pays its creators. Note, they are asking the members to watch these same videos so they pay them huge for watching. I agree with all you have mentioned above. After careful analysis i had to advice my clients not to sign up for this scheme as they will be duped. But I realized one interesting thing after watching the person I will assume is the owner of the site post this video on YouTube to shut your review out, “Is BoostPal a Scam? Unbiased review from a User (51-day review)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIIzKKLRduY&t=502s, videos under the YouTube Section of the boostpal membership earn page is all his. As at the time of my review, there are 5 videos by the person i assume.

    For all the hungry online investors out there, a UK claimed site won’t ask you to make deposits via Mobile money and Perfect Money when PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD are their preferred method of payments online as it’s more secure.Thread cautiously. IT’s JSUT ANOTHER P2P Scheme. – I Advice on Online security.


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