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is cashpoolpro a sacm?

Is Cashpoolpro (CPP) A Scam? Cashpoolpro Review

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Referring in the online marketing industry is one of the major headaches for most network marketers.
Unless you have the necessary online tools and expertise to refer, it is almost impossible to refer even your twin to join your business!
Referring sounded like rocket science to me too till I decided to put all the referring products I bought from the so called “gurus” into the trash can(dust bin), and do me!
Anyway, there finally SEEMS to be a matrix program in the world that solves the referral phobia: CashPoolPro, aka CPP.

Before we talk about whether or not Cashpoolpro is a scam, I’d like to mention that referring is one ‘necessary evil’ you and I can’t run away from in the network marketing sphere.
Yes, there are Revenue Share Programs that do not necessarily require referring but to make even MORE from Revenue Shares, you have to refer too.

Anyway, what is Cashpoolpro? What is their Compensation Plan?

Total Members as at 9th May, 2017, 9am GMT: 4719.
Not bad as the program was launched about a week ago.

Total Deposits: 165.48 Bitcoins

Total Earnings: 35.16 Bitcoins

Total Payouts: 57.45 Bitcoins

About Cashpoolpro:
From the horse’s own mouth:
“Cashpoolpro is the 1st World Class auto Straight Line Cycler, providing you advertising credits with every position purchased in your cycler lines. Every positions can earn you a payout after cycling from the top of each line. Manually you can buy unlimited number of positions from the same account, but 1 position in every 60 minutes time frame, or system will buy 1 position for you in phase 0, every time your 1 position get cycled out from phase 0 and as soon as it happens, CPP will give 0.01 BTC to your referrer as a matching bonus.This will let you make profits keep coming from all the positions. Only spend 0.03 BTC one time for each position and earn a max payout of 61.41 BTC and all automatic. Just buy a position, relax and keep receiving bitcoins in your wallet.”

Well, from the above, this doesn’t look bad at all!
A straight line matrix means anyone that immediately joins after you in the globe becomes your downline member! Over here at Cashpoolpro, you need 3 members so any 3 people in the globe that join after you become your spillover referrals.
This sounds great, great!

-Aside all the above, though cashpoolpro is an advertising company too, but you do not have to click on ads daily to earn.
-One could also purchase multiple positions.
-No monthly subscription.
-Minimum payout is 0.03 Bitcoins.
-Payment processor : Only Bitcoin.
-Completing the matrix earns you a whopping 65.41 Bitcoins, which is around $113519.71!
-Start up cost is 0.03 Bitcoins which is around $52.
-Minimum payout is 0.03.
-Status currently: Paying!
-Referral commission of 0.01 Bitcoins per sign up.

How Cashpoolpro Works:

Phase Referrals Donation Total    Profit on Cycle Out Commission Per Referral Goes to Next Phase
0 3 0.03 0.09     1 new position in                            Phase 0 0.01 0.03
1 3 0.03 0.09             0.03 0.06
2 3 0.06 0.18             0.06 0.12
3 3 0.12 0.36             0.12 0.24
4 3 0.24 0.72             0.24 0.48
5 3 0.48 1.44             0.48 0.96
6 3 0.96 2.88             0.96 1.92
7 3 1.92 5.76             1.92 3.84
8 3 3.84 11.52            3.84 7.68
9 3 7.68 23.04            7.68 15.36
10 3 15.36 46.08           46.08
Total 61.41 BTC


Allow me to give a brief explanation to the compensation plan above:

1.It all begins at phase 0 when you receive 3 sign ups under you.
Each of the 3 joins with 0.03 Bitcoins each, earning you 0.09 at phase 0.
If you signed up all 3 on your own, you earn referral commissions of 0.01 BTC for each, summing up to 0.03 BTC.
If you didn’t refer these 3 yourself but got them from the system, then you wouldn’t earn referral commission for those 3.
So the system automatically upgrades you to phase 1, which costs 0.06 BTC.
Since you made 0.09 BTC at phase 0, you get to keep a profit of 0.03 BTC which is the minimum withdrawal limit, and 0.06 is used for the upgrade to phase 1, easy!
So right at phase 0, you made your investment back.
If you referred them yourself, you have an additional 0.03 referral commission, making you 0.06 BTC.

2.Now, after your 3 also complete phase 0, having 3 in their downline, they join you at phase 1, paying you 0.03 bTC each again, earning you 0.09 BTC again.
You keep 0.03 as profit yet again, then the system automatically upgrades you to phase 2 which costs 0.06 BTC.

3.When your 3 downline meambers join you at phase 2, which costs 0.06 BTC, this time they pay you 0.06 BTC each, earning you 0.18 BTC!
You keep 0.06 BTC as profit and the system upgrades you automatically to phase 3 which costs 0.12 BTC….

4.This continues to build in the same order up till phase 10 as shown in the table above, where you earn 61.41 Bitcoins, which is over $100,000!
This could be easily achieved in a month or two with committed team work ethics, where everyone brings in at least 3 people to join the team.
The beauty about this is when you complete the matrix, you can start all over again!
There is also no limit to the number of persons you can refer.
You can even build this on your own and make referral commissions for every sign up, if you are a ‘beast’ of a recruiter.

My Judgement:
This sounds like a bargain, incredible.
I have been waiting for something like this, not because I can’t refer but because I care about my referrals too.
I hate it when my referrals struggle because they can’t refer.
There is however always a but though!
But, but, but, how long would one have to wait to get spill overs; a month, 5 months, 1 year, 2 years?
I almost wanted to sign up immediately and start promoting this but upon second thoughts, I decided to sit on the fence for a while till those who are already in get their spill overs first.
I am all for joining and promoting this.
But this has been tagged the saviour for those who can’t refer, so I want to ensure that one doesn’t need to necessarily refer to earn first before I come hard at this.
I don’t want to leave my downline to struggle, that is me.
Cashpoolpro is currently paying, from reliable sources.
Cashpoolpro is not a scam, but you probably need to find your referrals yourself if you don’t get spill overs, so don’t be singing hallelujah yet.
Cashpoolpro’s survival or sustainability hugely depends on the number of members.
If millions don’t sign up for this, it is going to collapse.

Because a lot of the members would be those who can’t refer and are waiting for spill overs.
If everyone waits for spill  overs, who is going to do the promoting to get more members in to sustain the business?
Cashpoolpro’s survival is also largely dependent on recruiters; it is through their actions that there would be spill overs for everyone.
With a referral commission of 0.03 Bitcoins per sign up, well, a lot would be up for this.
The referral commission on its own is a good source of income.
I am currently sitting on the fence and observing how quickly spill overs are made, before I get in.
I need to get the spillover statistics right to decide whether I’d have to build a team so we grow together or not.


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