Letter To My Unborn Son

This is just by the way. My son, Trust this message finds you well in nowhere land or in the mind of God. My sperm cells are yet to locate the eggs of your mother to form an eukaryotic cell called zygote. You’d become a foetus eventually with fully developed …

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Top 20 Richest People In The World List

#1 BILL GATES Age:61 Net Worth: $75B Source/Company: MICROSOFT Country: UNITED STATES #2 AMANCIO ORTEGA Net Worth: $67B Source/Company: ZARA Country: SPAIN #3 Warren Buffet Age:86 Net Worth: $60.8B Source/Company: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Country: UNITED STATES #4 CARLOS SLIM HELU Net Worth: $50B Source/Company: TELECOM Country: MEXICO #5 JEFF BEZOS Net Worth: $45.2B Source/Company: …

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