12 Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Facebook begun as a media to only link up with friends and mates we haven’t met in a long while. Years down the line, Facebook has become a mutli-million dollar business, not for the owner, Mark Zuckerberg only, but for members too! Facebook has become a goldmine; you can equally make …

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How To Create Cheap Facebook Sponsored Ads

Unauthorized copy of this post is highly prohibited. Hello and thanks for coming back. Today we’re going to learn how to create cheap Facebook sponsored ads. Those Facebook sponsored ads you see on your homepage when you surf Facebook are what I am referring to Let’s get started: What You need: …

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How To Easily Backup Your WordPress Files

It is very possible to lose your website due to server issues. It is therefore essential to backup your wordpress files periodically. This also helps if you want to transfer all wordpress files/posts from one website to another. To backup your wordpress files, log in to your wordpress dashboard. On …

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