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5 Ways To Protect Your Adsense Account From Click-Bombing

5 Ways To Protect Your Adsense Account From Click-Bombing

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Today on smart Income Office, we are going to discuss about a topic that I find strange that Google still hasn’t developed a remedy for; Click-Bombing!
I started blogging in 2011 but never monetized my blogs; I just did it for the fun of it, silly me!

It was until four years later that the thought about monetizing my blog crossed my mind.
I can only imagine how solid my blog would be by now after 6 years, had I taken into consideration monetization, SEO, etc, back then.

After applying for almighty adsense and getting accepted, I thought about click-bombing but I didn’t know the actual term for it among the blogging circles till I researched about it.
It is sad to read about legit bloggers getting their adsense accounts suspended when it was no fault of theirs.
It still beats my imagination why Google hasn’t developed or tried to develop a remedy for this, after all they have employed some very smart programmers? Well…

What Is Click-Bombing?
Click-bombing basically is when a mischievous/malicious user visits your website purposely to click on ads displayed on your site many times, in attempt to get your adsense or any other adnetwork account banned, since that is against Google Adsense policies especially.

Those clicks are counted as invalid clicks, since they yield no fruitful results for the advertiser.
Google is poised to protect advertisers since they pay for clicks on those displayed ads.
That is one of the major reasons why Google vehemently frowns upon fraud clicks.

Why Do People Click-Bomb?
Well, well, well, as crazy and funny as it may seem, we all do have ‘haters’.
People normally visit other people’s blogs to click-bomb them out of jealousy.
It may be a competitor in your niche who is jealous about the fact that your website always appears at the top of Google’s list instead of his/hers.
It may also be a friend even, who is jealous about your success.

Recently, someone reported one of my blogs to ICCAN, that my WHOIS information is inaccurate!
ICCAN in turn reached out to my host and demanded that they took action.
My domain eventually got suspended for a week, even after following the actions required of me by my domain host, to ensure my WHOIS information was accurate.
I replied that my WHOIS information was accurate but they still went ahead to suspend my account for a week.
It took a week of back and forth messages and emails to get my blog back.
So we have to be weary of the people around us.
I had no idea who did that, but it was surely someone who wanted to sabotage my progress.

How To Protect Your Account From Click-Bombing

1.Stop Showing Off!
What I mean by stop showing off is stop revealing your adsense earnings!
Why do you have to do that in the first place? That is so not professional.
It is okay to write about your earnings in a more subtle and professional manner, rather than to take screenshots and showboat to friends about how much you made from adsense in a month.
“Oh yeah, this is how we do it, I made $100k this month, take a look at this”.
“Oh I got too much money, I make this, I make that in a month…..”
Seriously? Leave that for the rappers and singers, nobody can click-bomb their talents or voices.
It is you whose business is at risk.
Play your cards well and behave maturely about your business.

2.Monitor Website’s Analytics For Suspicious Clicks:
Keep your eyes on your adsense back office and make sure you monitor your page’s CTR often.

Don’t be singing songs of victory when you see a lot of clicks in a day; make sure you check them out.
Of course more clicks mean more money, but sometimes more clicks mean bye bye to adsense!
Was the click from the same user, same IP?
How many pages did the visitor visit…..?
These are some of the crucial things to look out for when you notice huge number of clicks at your adsense back office.

3.Disable Ads If You Notice Any Act Of Click-Bombing:
Immediately you notice such suspicious clicks, disable all your ads form displaying on your blogs!
Yes, you have to act first before Google does.
If you use an “ad inserter” plugin, disable your ads immediately.
If you however insert ads manually via short codes, just visit your adsense profile and remove associated ads.
Ad inserter plugins also gives publishers control over website user views.
If you use such plugins, block the said IP.
Keep your ads disabled for a while then enable them again.
Continue keeping a close eye on suspicious clicks.
Malicious visitor may think he/she had achieved their purpose if they find out you have no ads on your pages.
Keep on disabling your ads and enabling them till visitor with evil intentions gets tired.
Click-bombing is part of the reasons why it is advisable to use plugins to insert your ads, instead of doing it manually.
Using plugins also has disadvantages anyway.

4.Another Remedy To The Above Is To Be Proactive And Report Such Cases To Google Before They Find Out Themselves: 
This however doesn’t end up well in most cases as Google for some reason best known to them, suspends account holders after they report such cases!
I have read a lot of cases like that, whereby publishers had their accounts suspended after reporting to Google first!
I assume that Google after the report, gets the notion that the publisher was behind the invalid clicks, and he/she reported to Google on purpose, to avoid penalties.
It doesn’t make sense at all, well maybe that is why they tell us to “ADSENSE”!

5.If You Wish To, Don’t Reveal Your Identity Behind Your Number One Money Making Blog:
In reference to point number one above, if you know you are at a high risk of getting click-bombed by competitors or for some reason, avoid revealing your identity behind your money making blogs!

Yes, if your enemies don’t know about the blog that is making you the most money, how would they attack in the first place?
Sometimes it is best to remain ‘low-keyed’ about our money making ventures, to prevent unwanted and unnecessary envy, hatred, jealousy, with all their associated troubles.
Make your money in secret and let them wonder.

What To Do If Your Website Has Been Penalized Because Of Click-Bombing

Well, currently and unfortunately, you can’t prevent click-bombing; you can only protect your account against it and hope that it works. There are however some WordPress plugins that protect your blog from fraud clicks.
But click-bombing can’t be prevented, you can only react to it.
If you are unfortunately penalized because of someone’s jealousy, try appealing.
Appealing in most cases doesn’t work, since whatever almighty Google says is period!
If your appeal doesn’t work, eeeeem I know it is heartbreaking but you can try adsense alternatives, though no adnetwork company does it better than adsense.

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