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They Laughed At Me When I Said I was Writing An E-Book! My Story…

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Sometime last year I was busy writing my own Ebook for sale, specifically for members of a revenue share program of which I am part.
Some people mocked me for dreaming.

About The Revenue Share Program I Wrote The Ebook For:

It is basically an online revenue share program that pays you for posting your own advertisements. To qualify for this revenue shares, you need to purchase an advertising package(adpack).

The company then splits the day’s revenue between members every day.

The more ad credit packs you have the more money you make though.

It is a legit opportunity to make money online.
Click Here to check it out and sign up.
You can steadily build your income with this program without referring any one.
You must know that it is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time. This program really pays.
Contact me when you have questions.
I have certainly made money from this program.

You see, home/online business is not about the money, it is about the FREEDOM!
Not waking up at 4am to go to work is freedom, being a nursing mother and affording to stay at home to take care of the kids whiles you make money sleeping is freedom, having time for friends, family and love ones without spending all your time at work is freedom, traveling to wherever you wish in the world is freedom, retiring from the corporate/factory world at 30 years is freedom, making money even when you sleep is freedom, getting paid every day and not once every 30 days is freedom!

Nothing good comes easy though and just like every worthy course, it takes time, endurance, hard work and patience.
If only we treat our home businesses only half the way we treat our boss’ business, we will succeed online.

My Story Continued

Back to the story, I came up with this formula for members to reach their goals quickly in a sister program  and I published it for sale in the form of an E-book.

So after spending lots of time editing, typing, thinking and cracking brains, the e-book was ready to be published, and that was another headache, because the bookstore would have to scan through all your pages and deem your book worthy to be put up for sale on their site.

So they fish out mistakes and other quite technical stuffs and ask you to correct them. Your book would never be published if you don’t get it right. Whiles I was busy doing this day-in-day-out, some peeps mocked and told me I was wasting my time.
My e-book was eventually published and I put it up for sale for $9.99 a copy.

Every single day I tracked the online bookstore for sales of my e-book but there was no sale. I kept on promoting hard on my website by drafting more sales letters and articles, which I then promote on the revenue share website.

A couple of months passed by and there was still not a single sale!
My aim as at that time wasn’t the money I wanted to make from the sales;
I only wanted my ideas and the hard work I put into it to be at least recognized and appreciated.
I would have been happy with just a single sale, then build upon it.
So I became frustrated and stopped tracking my E-book sales for about 7 months.

Sometime last month – April 2016, my sister messaged me from the UK that she had received a cheque (check) from the USA addressed to me.
Surprisingly it was from the Bookstore!
I registered with the UK address because there is no room for some African countries to receive their commissions via Paypal as Paypal doesn’t render services to African countries like Ghana, due to the upsurge of online fraud schemes here.
So I had to put in my name and use my sister’s address as C/O while signing up at the online bookstore, because I initially wanted to receive my commissions via Paypal and not through cheques (checks) Sent by mail all the way to Ghana.
(There is always a way out if you really want it!)*

So I curiously went back after not checking for 7 months to log in to track my sales and check if I indeed sold copies of the e-book.
I had even forgotten my password so I had to go into my password archives to retrieve it and lo and behold, I found out that within the period I stopped tracking, I started making sales!

The bookstore sends payments occasionally after your account balance reach or surpass the minimum threshold.
So if I keep on promoting and doing things right, the cheques would keep coming in, so far as members keep purchasing.
Good news is we have hundreds of thousands of members across the globe and people keep joining everyday, so there is more room to make money by promoting my Ebook there.
Why don’t you Click Here to join us and start making some good passive income?
No referrals required.

Though this first pay cheque wouldn’t make me rich, I am glad for what I have been able to achieve with this Ebook by not giving up.

Most people will mock you when you take Giant steps because they feel intimidated.
They are scared you will make it so they laugh at you to discourage you, hoping you would put a halt to what they wish to do themselves.
Just Do It! Never give up.

About karisma

Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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