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How To Fix Ussd Code Running On Phones

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Recently, I ported my phone number from one service provider to another due to poor internet services and reception.

After this was done I realised I was unable to send certain short codes successfully. Checking my balance became a problem, I was unable to call short codes for internet bundle etc,
all due to the fact that when I try, I get a Uss Code Running” feedback on the screen.
When this happens you’re unable to operate the functions on your mobile’s screen..

It is very frustrating especially when you want to send/call a short code to activate internet bundle and you can’t because of ussd code running.
Ussd code running also inhibits you from successfully making/receiving phone calls.

Upon constant try and error and research I found the remedy for ussd code running.
This error usually shows up on Samsung phones.

Go to settings on your android phone
On top of the screen, select More
Now go to location
Then disable every form of location tracking.

If you use Samsung Galaxy S series:
Disable Access to my location
Disable GPS
Disable Wireless Networks

Using Samsung Note?
Just turn off the location button.

Then restart your phone.
Voila Uss Code Running is solved!
This also works for invalid Mmi code or invalid service code.

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