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Is Gladiacoin A Scam?

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Well, there has been a rise in cryptocurrency trades and investments over the couple of years, with Bitcoin being the front liner, in a battle against normal currency.
This has lead to the creation of numerous cryptocurrency trading and mining online and offline programs too.
A lot are however running the old devil – “Ponzi Scheme”, using cryptocurrencies as decoy.
Let’s scrutinize one of these programs – Gladiacoin!
I hereby ask : Is Gladiacoin A Scam?

To the best of my knowledge, Gladiacoin is paying at the moment.
But the fact that it is paying now, doesn’t make it legit.
The possibility of Gladiacoin crashing like onecoin, is very high.

Let’s take a look at their marketing approach : Double Your Bitcoin In 90 Days Or Less!
This in the first place is alarming, a money doubler?
This doesn’t sound long term to me.
Sounds like a program you join for about 3 months, make some quick money and leave!
No long term goals here!

On Gladiacoin.com at their About Page is “GladiaCoin was born exactly to meet this basic market need of Bitcoin owners to be able to earn more bitcoins and monetize their existing bitcoins in the shortest possible time. In our case, double it in just 90 days!”

This doesn’t sound right peeps. Looks like a get rich quick scheme! They will get lost in the shortest possible time in my opinion, and it is evident.
According to Gladiacoin, they buy and sell Bitcoins, but there is no trading evidence!
The owner is also unknown. How do you do business with a ghost?
My advice : Is Gladiacoin A Scam? Yes it is!
If you have already made money here, pack your earnings and leave now.
Don’t wait till they leave with your money.

What other investors are saying about Gladiacoin on a Facebook Forum:

“Ponzi scheme” – Johan van Caem

“Ponzi , no proof of trading, btc doubler”- Zeeshan Ahmed Ali

“Complete ponzi… no owner, and listed on several monitors as scam. Just because people ARE getting paid NOW, doesn’t make it legit. It will collapse just like the rest of them. In a month or two, everyone promoting gladiacoin will be promoting something else because it scammed.
Save your time and your money.” – Heather Erbach

“Currently Gladiacoin is earning me more Bitcoins than any other program and I’m in most of the big programs like TradeCoinClub, BitClub Network, Zcash BTC and so many others.

I’m extremely impressed by how automated and passive it truly is” – Tariq Akhtar

“I don’t like it for some reason” – Matt Maldinado

“If you join make sure you get you investment back, But sometimes the programs close before you can be careful…” – Rickey Martin

“Just because it is paying now, doesn’t make it legit. I am not a hater.
Just don’t be surprised when it’s gone in a short time.” – Heather Erbach

“I could join it month ago,but I post about it on my wall,that’s just a copy of tcc,without any proof of anything and you guys should be careful with them! It wont last long..” – Primzy Steh

“All I know is that I am on level 4 and I get a direct payment to my wallet every day……today was my 12th payment……avg. of $40 daily…..” – Stephen Wood

“once you dont know who is behind it and the physical structure ,,treat it as a ponzi and it wil die in the morning ..” – Zadiki Scott

“I joined it and got no confirmation link and i made a mistake in not putting down the password and deposited just to test the system. It took my money i tried to use the password reset function and it would no longer recognize my email. Got in touch with the admin and they just said it was my fault and the system will never send any email to anyone. They said anyone who makes those kind of mistake it cannot retrieve the account as there is no one to help you retrieve it and no support to contact. but they said all i have to do is do it all over again and deposit again . so that tells me they are just stealing from the vulnerable to give to others. People might be making money there but that is not the kind of money I want. Stolen funds from others. THEY ARE WICKED FOLKS” – Baypp Buz

So there you go. They are paying currently but if you ask me, Is Gladiacoin A Scam?
My answer would be Yes!  SCAM!
Use your discretion.
If you want a more stable and transparent revenue share program, check this out and sign up here. Been two years now and we only just got started!
Admin is loyal, transparent and interacts with members. The program is awesome.
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  1. I agree, it looks like a scam, but that does not mean I can’t make some money off it, so i’m in and have been for about 2 weeks now. Untill now they are paying out. If you want in too, because you like to take a gamble sometimes, go here: https://www.gladiacoin.com/caveman

  2. americawonderland

    Gladiacoin. So far so good. 2 months now, no problem.

    Want to give it a try: go to https://www.gladiacoin.com/bitcoininvest

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