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is hotlogo.net a scam?

Is Hotlogo.net A Scam? HotLogo.net Review…

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So I was surfing the internet when I came across this make money online opportunity: Hotlogo.net.
My first impression was “this looks kinda good”, then I visited the website to check it out properly…
Ooooops,then I changed my mind: this sounds too good to be true?
What, $1 for every sign up, $5 free bonus after registration, up to $5 daily, all for doing some little tasks?
Wow this sounds like some easy cash!

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan:

“Earn from the first minute:

Bonus for registration $5.
Instant enrollment for the job
Payments every two weeks
Weekly bonuses active users”Earning more:

More than $ 1 per new user.
30% of referral earnings
The rapid rise in the status of the system
Maximum profit from the first minuteAll you have to do is sign up, choose the tasks you want to perform, and get paid!
The owner of this website is unknown but the company was registered in Moscow-Russia, from my checks.

The owner via statistics on the website, claims the site has 55,497 users, $89,682 has been paid for the last month, $12,000 paid for last week, and the company has $189,030 for the reserve fund affiliate program!
Seriously? The site was only created on the 13th of February, 2017!

How Would The Owner Benefit From This?
I have no idea the motive behind this website and how the owner is going to make some reasonable amount of money from this website, though he is promoting other scam businesses of his on hotlogo.net.
Who is even going to join the other programs you promote on your website after they find out the major one is even a scam?
What did this person smoke before creating this website?Prior to finding out all the negatives I have outlined above, I was very skeptical but the evil 20% of my brain said it was genuine and I could promote this to 1000 people and make $1000 in few days!
Honestly I wanted to sign up because there was no sort of monetary investments, but I decided to first check out the reviews on the web if hotlogo.net was legit or not.The first review that popped up was by Kumar of everyonecanmakemoneyonline.com.
Kumar gave a very detailed review about hotlogo.net as he signed up to try things for himself.
I didn’t bother to sign up as the negatives were too loud.
According to Kumar, he performed the tasks, reached the withdrawal threshold and requested for withdrawal but hasn’t been paid, and it’s been over a month since the withdrawal request!According to Kumar, the registration process was very quick.
All he had to do was to enter his details, then vooooila he as done, no email confirmation or whatsoever!
And as promised, he received the free $5 sign up bonus in his account but wasn’t able to withdraw since the withdrawal threshold was $30.

So Kumar worked his way up to $30 eventually by performing more tasks and promoting his referral link.
He then made a withdrawal request, and hasn’t been paid till now, like I stated!
He wrote:

“Now, some of you will be wondering… so did I get paid?

Well… the answer is NO!

I didn’t get paid a dime. It’s been almost a month since I ordered for payment and there wasn’t any payment made to my Paypal account nor did their technical support responded to any of the messages I send them.

As suspected this is probably a scam.
The one mistake I probably did is not check out their review page before hand.
This is how their review section looks(referring to the review section on hotlogo.net).
Seriously? Just full of words, no photos or any supporting document.
These are probably typed out by the owner himself.”

My Judgement:

I don’t even need to say much as it is obvious this is a big fat SCAM!
At least, he is not asking for money so……….
I actually can’t wrap my mind around the intentions of the owner, maybe he probably wants to build the value of the website and later flip it and sell it for thousands of dollars, since it has a very catchy domain name, plus decent traffic of course.
Don’t waste your time with this website, it is a SCAM.

If you however want to join a legitimate and transparent program that requires no referrals to earn, Click Here to find out more. I make around $50 daily there. Aiming at $300 a day by the end of May, 2017.


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