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How Bloggers Make Money

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Hello and welcome once again to Smart Income Office.

People do ask a lot: how do bloggers make money?
Well bloggers make money via various means like:

1)Advertising Networks:
I want to give you a practical example using my blog.
Now if you scroll through this very article, you will notice a rectangular ad on the very top side of the page and some square/rectangular ads displayed in the article.
Yes, those are the real deals!
You see, anytime readers view pages like this with ads displayed on them, the blogger makes money. Don’t open your mouth yet!
It takes a lot of hard work, traffic, good contents etc, to make some nice income from these ads.
It takes hundreds of thousands to millions of views to make some good money here.
You make even more when readers click on the ads displayed.
I wouldn’t like to go too deep into the terms used in ad networks to complicate matters, since this is only an explanation on how bloggers make money.
There are many factors involved in how much bloggers make from website views/clicks, which includes countries from which you get traffic(country of your site visitors), size of traffic, your niche, content of your articles etc.
Traffic from USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, UK, Kuwait, Brazil, pay far more than traffic from for examples, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, India, Germany etc.
Articles about computers, technology, IT solutions, banking and investment, business, health etc, pay more than articles about entertainment, relationships, politics, religion and the like. Why?
Because the type of ad displayed on a blog post has everything to do with what the blog post is talking about. An article with a relationship content would have an online dating ad displayed in the post.
Similarly, an article that talks about gadgets would have Apple or Samsung ads displayed in it.
And of course Apple or Samsung will pay Ad network companies more than the online dating website or app owners would.
So organizations pay these Ad network companies to display their ads on blogs.
The ad network company in turn shares the revenue with publishers/blog owners.

There are many ad networks like Revenue Hits, Chitika, Popcash, Infolinks, Pop ads, Propellar ads etc.
But the highest paying, most secure and most popular Ad network company is Google Adsense, developed by almighty Google!
Google Adsense is every blogger’s dream.
However it takes quite a lot for a blogger’s website to be accepted by Google.
Unlike other Ad network companies where bloggers are easily accepted, Google has a lot of policies, thus Google refuses thousands of applications daily!

Luckily for me, Google accepted my website in my very first application.
Google Adsense is my main focus now.
There are so many writers who are scared to apply for Adsense in fear of being rejected by Google.
But if others are doing it why can’t you?
I don’t like the mindset of “some people are super humans or special”.
I always have it at the back of my mind that if someone was able to do it, so can I.
Some of the requirements Google expect are well designed websites with logos, articles with good contents, at least 10 articles with more than 500 words, privacy policy etc.
The bar has even been raised lately it seems; if you don’t have articles with about 2,000 words your adsense application is likely to be refused.

Google frowns on plagiarism.
Your Adsense account would be banned and all monies made seized if Google notices copyright contents on your website.
Another thing Google frowns upon are fraudulent behaviours aimed at increasing Adsense revenue.
Behaviours such as asking friends to click on ads displayed on your site, clicking on ads displayed on your website, viewing your own page multiple times with the intention of increasing revenue, promoting your blog posts on pay per click sites etc, are all against Google Adsense policies.

2)Affiliate marketing, which involves promoting products of other people and earning commissions from each and every product bought through your website.
Clickbank.com is the most popular affiliate marketing retailer.
All you have to do is to just sign up at clickbank, Amazon or any other ecommerce website, choose whatever products you’d want to promote on your website, then apply via filling a form.
The owner of the products would be notified and if they are satisfied with your online marketing skills and tools, they would generate an affiliate link for you to market their products with and pay you commissions on every sale made via your unique affiliate link.
Some products don’t require application though. You could just register and generate an affiliate link straight away to promote the products on your blog posts.
Owners of the products would be able to track sales made via the affiliate link you generated and pay you accordingly.

You don’t always have to apply at Clickbank or Amazon though.
When you visit most sites that sell products, it is common to see a small “affiliates” menu usually at the bottom or top of the website.

If you see an affiliate link on a website, it is an invitation for affiliate marketers to market whatever products they are selling on the website. So you just click on the link and apply.
Affiliate marketing is very lucrative and a lot of people make good living from just affiliate marketing.
However, it takes a lot of skill and tools to succeed as an affiliate marketer. It is not easy at all but hey, if others are doing it so can you. I used to focus a lot on affiliate marketing but I give it less attention now. I will give it more attention later in the year.

3) Network Marketing/MLM:
Similar to affiliate marketing, Network Marketing or MLM(Multi level Marketing), involves the sale of products via networking and not via the traditional way of selling( directly from the stores).
With MLM, you build a network of like-minded distributors, sell to them and make commissions.
Since it is a network, you have to build a continuous downline or matrix of distributors.
If anyone in your downline(the normal term used in network marketing is “referrals”) fails to convince others to join his downline to build the matrix, the network is cut short and dies off eventually. It takes a lot of leadership and team work to succeed as a network marketer.

I am sure you have come across business programs that required you to sign up 2, 3 or more people; that is network marketing or mlm.
Like affiliate marketing, it is also not easy at all. It requires a lot of tools especially if you do most of your marketing online: a website, a landing page, list builder etc.
I used to focus a lot on network marketing too but like affiliate marketing, I don’t give it much attention now. I am still into network marketing though.
I still have quite a number of programs I promote on my website.
Some popular network marketing organizations are Forever Living, Tianshi, Mobe etc.

Also be informed that network marketing doesn’t involve the sale of products only, like it is done at Forever living and co.
Most of the online network marketing programs do not involve the sale of products.
A lot of people who have failed in network marketing have tagged it a ponzi scheme. But hey, others are making it so your complaints and excuses don’t hold!
A lot of network marketers are making millions of dollars in this industry.

4)Direct Advertisement:
This usually work for the popular bloggers who have huge traffic to their sites.
It involves organizations, musicians etc paying for ad space on your website since your site is popular and gets a lot of views.
If you are confident about your website’s traffic and can provide detailed analytics about your traffic, you could negotiate with companies to advertise on your website at a recurring fee.

Yeah, so all the above are some of the ways through which bloggers make money.
I hope this was insightful.

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Thanks for reading.

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