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How To Make Money On Youtube

Unauthorized Copy Of This Post Is Highly Prohibited

*Unauthorized Copy Of This Post Is Highly Prohibited. Culprits Would Be Sent DMCA Takedowns*

Youtube is a goldmine!
You too can make money on Youtube.
One question:
When you watch a video on youtube, do you see that annoying ad that you can’t wait to skip?
Well to you it’s annoying but to another person it’s business!
Yes, anytime you watch that video and the ad is displayed, the owner of that video makes money!
You may be asking, how?
You see, major companies purchase advertising on youtube just as they do on tv and radio.
But since most of the videos don’t belong to youtube but individuals, youtube unselfishly decided to pay for ads displayed on your video.

So these companies pay owners of Youtube: Google, to display their ads on your videos.
Google then share the money they make with the video owners.

That surely sounds good right?
Don’t be singing Hallelujah yet!
You won’t be rich overnight because you get paid few cents per hundreds of views.
That shouldn’t discourage you because it is all about hard work and numbers!
If you are able to rake in hundreds of thousands of views, you can only imagine your potential income.
Yes you can do it too if others are doing it.
Musicians get millions and millions of views on youtube and I am certain most of them have monetized their videos.
Most of these musicians make good money here.
Don’t worry if you have no idea about monetizing your youtube videos, we shall come to that later.

So don’t waste your time on youtube by only making others rich; you can set up your business over there too.
You may be saying to yourself; oh I’m no musician and I have no music videos, how do I make money on youtube?

Well, you don’t need to be a musician to make money on youtube.
Let me give you some few practical tips:
The next time you go on holiday trips, vacations, excursions, expeditions, hiking, camping etc, don’t just take selfies and pose like an agama lizard to post on facebook for 200 likes and go sleep hungry! Are you gonna eat those likes?

As a matter of fact, Mark Zuckerberg should be paying us for the time we spend on facebook.
He should be paying us for the likes, status updates, comments, the videos we upload etc
If he’s not gonna do it, youtube is doing it, so take advantage.

When you go on such pleasure trips, don’t just take selfies. Capture unique places on camera, take pictures of interesting stuffs to make a slide show video for youtube, take videos of unique places that people will be interested to watch etc.
The prank videos you watch on youtube, it’s not all about making you laugh; they are banking in the dollar every time you visit youtube to go have a laugh.
Same applies to the football highlights you watch on Youtube daily; the owners of those videos are making a living from your views.

You may be very good at doing something, why don’t you post a tutorial video on youtube?

The next step is to upload them on youtube and give them interesting and catchy “Titles” that would make viewers eager to click that stubborn play button.
You can then promote these videos on various advertisement platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

You can choose to purchase advertising on facebook and instagram to promote the videos too for larger views.
There goes Mark Zuckerberg again; he’s not paying us what we deserve yet he is taking more from us.
If you have no idea how to create advertisement on facebook, just click here to follow the step by step guidelines.
You only need a credit/debit card and a facebook fan page with over 200 likes to be qualified

Our next topic is the step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. It is not difficult to monetize your videos. I have put together a step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. After uploading your videos on Youtube, just follow the steps I outlined here: STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR YOUTUBE TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR VIDEOS

Just follow the steps and you’d be good to go.
But note that Google has exempted some countries from youtube video monetization.
Fortunately Ghana is included now, but if your country is exempted and you have relatives in other parts of the globe, you can register with their address.
That is what I did when Ghana wasn’t included- I used a UK address.
To the cyber smart ones, you can’t beat Google. So don’t try to change your IP to that of a foreign country’s IP to register.
After registration, Google would send a mail which contains a special code, to the address you stated in the registration form, to confirm your address.
So if you give a fake address and they send the mail to that address, how would you access the code?
Never also try to monetize Videos that do not belong to you else Youtube will ban you; they have mechanisms in place to check this.
Thanks for reading.

NB: Google recently released a new policy that vloggers would only be able to monetize their videos if they get at least 10,000 views!
This was put in place to sieve out the ‘chaff’ on Youtube.

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