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Why People Fail To Make Money Online

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If you think life is all about school, getting a degree, finding a “good” job then pay bills with your salary till you die, then you are on earth to work to live and die unhappy.
But it shouldn’t be so, you have to live to work at some point in life by having time for love ones and family, going on vacations etc
What if you graduate and you never get employed even?

Not every online business is a scam; there are many genuine ways to make money online: network marketing/mutli level marketing, affiliate marketing, writing and selling ebooks, blogging, youtube, forex trading, binary trading, revenue shares etc

There are lots of people making money online and there are lots of people losing money online too.
The difference between the two is focus, education, hard work, learning from the masters and determination.

I am a salaried worker but I have quite a number of online businesses I do alongside.
I am not claiming to be making millions of dollars but at the end of the month they do add up.

I started network marketing and the dot com lifestyle around 2004 with these little PTC sites (Paid To Click) and went hard on online businesses as a whole from 2006 after senior high school.
I barely advertised to friends about my online ventures due to their lackadaisical attitude towards entrepreneurship.
We’d rather show commitment in building other people’s businesses and say “Yessa Massa” till we die.

This is not about money, it is more about freedom.
Waking up whatever time you like to work without setting an alarm or being scared of your boss scolding you for being late is liberty.
The usual excuses you get are “oh this program is too expensive to start with, oh I am not good at referring people, oh this is a scam, oh I have lost money before” etc

Risk taking is part of entrepreneurship.
I am not saying don’t take calculated risks but to make it in life you need to dream and dare, and not play it too safe.
I remember about two years ago I joined this huge online franchise with a net worth of millions of dollars.
Succeeding in that business is not easy, especially if you are African cos
1)It is expensive to start,
2)Because it is expensive to start, many sub-saharan Africans will refuse to join because of our bad economic situations,
3) You have to be on top of your marketing game to convince prospects of Western Nationalities as a marketer residing in Africa.

Because it is a top, top, and well structured franchise, to purchase a spot in this huge franchise, the lowest fee is $2,300. which is over 8,000 cedis! Even that, you’d have to go through some sort of online interview first.
Back then when the Cedi was a bit stronger, I remember I paid almost 7,000 cedis to get into this franchise.
It is expensive because they don’t joke over there, and when you succeed, you would to be financially free because the compensation plan is huge.

Sadly but not sadly, I couldn’t make even $1 dollar in this franchise after I joined cos I didn’t brand myself properly .
A very close friend in Ghana on the other hand was making thousands of dollars in this same franchise and was even hosting pay to attend conferences at The Royal Senchi to coach top top business men in Ghana and across, about this franchise!
So I sat and wondered what I was doing wrong and that was when I found out I didn’t brand myself properly as a coach, I needed to set up landing pages, build a list for email marketing etc (don’t bother if you don’t understand some of these online marketing terms).

I am still a member of this franchise but I stopped promoting regularly cos people freak out when they find out about the fees.
My investment however wasn’t in vain because through this franchise, I learnt a lot from the tools made available to me, became friends with top earners and I built a network of successful marketers across the globe.
I still apply what I learn/learnt from the tools made available to me and the lessons from my personal coach in this franchise, to other businesses, and it pays.

People lose or don’t make money online because they don’t treat their online businesses like their jobs.
They don’t put in commitment, they don’t learn to improve.
Most people only want some sort of magic paying system without putting in effort, so they fall prey to these HYIPs(High Yield Investment Programs) – these are the programs that promise to give you 20%, 50%, 70%, 100% ROI (return on investment) daily.
You will eventually lose all your money in the end since they will shut the site down and run away after a lot of  people deposit.
I know people who make money from this though.
What they do is they invest, monitor and do quick withdrawals.
Doing this, you will make some and lose some but HYIPs are not advisable. I used to do HYIPs a lot years ago.
I wouldn’t advise you to partake in those investment programs unless it is a Revenue Share Program.

It is not impossible to make money online but nothing good comes easy. If only you’d put in quarter of the commitment you put in your job in the office or in the factory………..

If you are not making money whiles you sleep, your retirement would be suicidal. All the rich folks make money whiles they sleep and this is what an online business could offer you.

You can choose to aim at that $400, $500, $300, $100 monthly to pay the bills or choose to be rich via online businesses if you really want to be.
You can make money from network marketing, blogging(if you can write good contents and drive good traffic), affiliate marketing, revenue shares, youtube etc
But it takes patience, time, endurance, leadership, education, hard work and commitment.
If others are doing it, so can you.

All the time people tell me “you are always online, you are always on Facebook, you are always posting this and that…..”

Normally I just keep mute.
I don’t waste my time online, I work here.
Maybe to you it is time wasting, but to me, I am stamping my presence online to optimize “my brand” for either business, music and related stuffs.
I don’t post here only for the fun of it; a business string is attached.
Businesses and jobs are collapsing, the future is the internet.
This is the 21st century baby, get online don’t waste all your life working to impress your boss.
Dream, Dare, Make a difference!
Just Do It!

About karisma

Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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