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Making Money Online Is A Process, Don’t Give Up. My Story…

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Making money online is not a get rich scheme. You need get the right training and tools, and you need to work too. The differences between working online or the dot com lifestyle, and a job, is the freedom to start work whenever you like, the liberty to wake up whatever time you like, you don’t have to explain to a boss why you are late, and you have the audacity to choose your working hours.

Successful Online Marker and Business Coach/Speaker, Devon Brown, tells us his story. Smart Income Office has the permission from Devon Brown himself, to publish this. So here we go:

“Can I tell you a story?

I found this old blog post (STORY) this morning while messing around on my old blog..

It’s actually one of the VERY first blog posts that I did when I first started my blog back in 2008.

It’s a little bit of a read, but I figured someone needed to hear it… So I’m sharing it here on Facebook.

My guess is that many of you will probably be able to relate to my story. 🙂

For all of you ‘impatiently’ waiting for big things to happen in your business, I hope this helps 🙂

====== BEGIN STORY =======

Let’s take a second to talk about something that I wish I had taken to heart when I fist started as a home business entrepreneur. I had this secret told to me back in 2001 when I was attending my first “how to make money” seminar (which I spent $4,000 to attend).

This was a real estate investing seminar and I was bound and determined to make it as a real estate investor (to this day I still don’t know squat about real estate investing – lol)

While at the seminar, they divided us up into groups. Each group had a leader (someone who had already been successful in real estate)

On the second day of the seminar, I went up to the gentleman who was teaching my group and proceeded to tell him how badly I needed money now! I can’t remember the gentleman’s name but we’ll call him “Bob” for the sake of this article. Here’s how the conversation went.

Bob: So Devon, which area of real estate would you like to focus on?

Me: Which ever one will make me money the fastest…and I need money RIGHT NOW!

Bob: But which area do you like the best, which area could you see yourself doing long term?

Me: It doesn’t matter, Bob, I went completely broke in order t make it here, I’ve got to make all of my money back in 30 days or I’m gonna die

Bob: Look Devon, I’ve been there…and I’m telling you it’s not gonna happen overnight. You’ve got to stay focused for an extended period of time and then slowly but surely results will start to happen.

Me: That’s nice Bob, but I don’t have time to dilly dally around I NEED MONEY NOW!

Needless to say; my real estate investing career didn’t last very long: But that’s not the point of the story.

The point of the story is that I had someone telling me the REAL answer…. I just didn’t want to listen. So I went about doing things my way and continued to jump from opportunity to opportunity, while at the same time continuing to stay broke!

About a year later I ended up filing for bankruptcy. All because I was looking for the “quick” fix and not accepting the fact that I needed to be consistent with something LONG ENOUGH to start seeing big results.

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t care WHAT the guru promises you, how badly you want it, or how certain you are that “this is the one” Success and true financial freedom WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!!!!

So there it is, the 100% truth, either accept it and move forward, or continue to fight it and keep struggling!

Let me put it another way….

When it comes to you achieving success, you will have to work hard at first and be willing to get little or no results. After a while, you will hit what I like to call the “tipping point” and things will start to happen for you faster then you ever thought.

To better illustrate his path to success, let’s take a look at what will happen if you take a penny an double it ever day for 31 days.

Day 1 – .01 cents

Day 2 – .02 cents

Day 3 – .04 cents

Day 4 – .08 cents

Day 5 – .16 cents

Day 6 – .32 cents

Day 7 – .64 cents

WOW – not very impressive 🙁

But let’s keep going

Day 8 – $1.28

Day 9 – $2.56

Day 10 – $5.12

Day 11 – $10.24

Day 12 – $20.48

Day 13 – $40.96

Day 14 – $81.92

Woo Hoo- $80 bucks and the month is half way over!

Day 15 – $163.84

Day 16 – $327.68

Day 17 – $655.36

Day 18 – $1310.72

Day 19 – $2621.44

Day 20 – $5242.88

Day 21 – $10485.76 – This is where the “tipping point” occurs

Actually this isn’t looking too bad –

just 10 more days to go

Day 22 – $20,971.52

Day 23 – $41,943.04

Day 24 – $83,886.08

Day 25 – $167,772.16

Day 26 – $335,544.32

Day 27 – $671,088.64

Day 28 – $1,342,177.20

Day 29 – $2,684,354.40

Day 30 – $5,368,708.80

Day 31 – $10,737,417.60

Now, if you don’t understand the analogy, let me explain.

The penny represents your work effort compounded over time. If you notice, you go about 2/3 of the way through the month before you start seeing any serious gains.

The problem is that most people quit after the first week (because you’ve only made 0.64 cents so you think it’s not working). But it is working… most are just too impatient to realize it!

Just like it takes consistency to turn a penny into $10-Million…It also takes consistency for you to reach your financial goals as a home business entrepreneur. But with FOCUSED & CONSISTENT action; it WILL happen!

I hope you found this helpful :-)”

By Devon Brown

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