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Meet Menzbanc Gold Investments CEO – Nana Appiah Mensah

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“It is my desire that you prosper amongst all other things” …..Nana Appiah Mensah, CEO.

“Nana Appiah Mensah is a Ghanaian entrepreneur with a vision and drive to cause change in the status quo of the world’s economy. This is translated in a proven record of business successes and a passion to grow the personal economy of people globally. Raised by a banker and a businesswoman in Cape Coast in Ghana; Centre for British colonial administration and business capital of the Gold Coast (Ghana); which became the hub for national commerce during the British colonialism by 1700, now the cradle of Ghanaian education, and until 1877 when the capital subsequently moved to Accra.

He learned from his parents, who made a fine partnership blend as, a banker and a business woman, the need to reconcile effective financial management inspired by personal financial discipline in business endeavors, as the sure way to increase business prospects and to ensure a healthy working personal, corporate or national economy.

Hailing from both patrilineal and matrilineal royal family lineage in the central region of Ghana, earned him his exact name as that of his grandfather, a Fanti chief. As “Nana”, originally in the Akan traditional cultural setting means a chief/king or an elderly “wise” Kinsman. This background, exposed him to a very early contact with gold, with uncles and other family members involved in gold dealership as a means of livelihood; as gold was the currency of royalty and as a symbol of power, prestige and luxury. That exposure and insight served as the hypothesis for a lifetime research into gold, which involved rigorous formal education, practical experience earned through years of small scale mining activities in the Westhern Mineral belt of Ghana, along the river Ankobra in the Wassa Amenfi enclave, broadening of horizons in travels and a critical continuous review of the defects in the Ghanaian cultural economy, as a case study.

In 2013, he contributed greatly in the establishment of Menzgold Ghana Company Limited with the objective of “converting paper money to GOLD”;-a means to maintaining real value and purchasing power, as the sure means to CREATE ONE’S OWN ECONOMY, which is void of external control; overly dependence on external factors that one do not have control over.
With a political background stretching from colonial governance to contemporary Ghana, he has been oriented with political virtues and values that has shaped him into a republican and a democratic legalist; he subscribes fully to the rule of law and in upholding fundamental human rights and freedoms as enshrined in Chapter five (5) of the Constitution of Ghana, 1992 and by extension, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He believes all rights can be summed as “right to life and of liberty”-this means the right of persons to live a fulfilled life void of any kind of suppression, which includes poverty, hunger, lack of basic needs as; healthcare, food, shelter, clothing, education among others. These constitute economic suppression and an infringement of human economic rights, due to the fact that in today’s world, people are not enslaved politically with physical shackles on their hands and legs, but are enslaved economically.

Conservatively, almost eighty percent (80%) of the world’s population are NOT really in control of their lifes, by way of being able to afford the life styles they wish to have, the remaining minority are enslaved to poverty, hunger, diseases and so on under economic bondages and servitude.

This sense of scarcity is a fertile breeding ground of corruption, with its consequent effects on personal, corporate, national and world economy.
Menzgold Ghana Limited, thereby seeks to correct the above artificial defect by promoting economic freedom for all and sundry by presenting to the world a means to OWN THEIR LIVES.”

Nana Appiah Mensah

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