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Is Merchant shares A Scam? Merchant Shares Review

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Before we talk about whether or not Merchant Shares is a scam, I would like to mention that over the years, Revenue Share programs have been on the rise in the online money making industry.
Many online marketers struggle to make via multi level marketing and affiliate marketing so many have resorted to revenue shares and high yield investment programs as the easier way out.
The top recruiters in the online marketing game, also use this medium o make even more money, since it is way easier to promote programs that doesn’t require referring to earn.

That said, I personally think 97% of Revenue shares have expiry dates, since the business model is not sustainable.
Though I hate to admit it, Revenue shares are ponzi schemes.
Once there are no new members joining tp pump fresh money into the system, and old members continue to repurchase with their ad packs without putting in fresh money from the pocket, the system will collapse eventually.

Because they won’t stay around forever, you have to learn how to prevent losing money in revenue shares.
Mypayingads so far have earned my trust, since they are trying everything possible to make the program sustainable.
Even with that, they may only last for about 4 to 5 years, I presume, unless they are able to push funds into the system from external sources, like it is done at Futurenet.

The expiry date for most revenue shares is two to three years, but with Mypayingads, I predict they would grow stronger, despite the recent change in policies, introduced as a long term plan.

Now to the subject matter: Is Merchant Shares A Scam?
Let us scrutinize Merchant Shares:

Website looks quite okay.
They also have Authenticity Verification:

“To verify the registration and listing of “Service Merchants Corp.”, please follow the link of Dominica’s Official Government website for “The Companies and Intellectual Property Office” (https://efiling.cipo.gov.dm/#/ocrs/search/service%20merchants%20corp/0) who is responsible for administering legislations, registering and keeping records in relation to Intellectual Property, Companies, Business Names and International Business Companies.

In the above given website, please enter followings details and click on search button to see our company information.
Enter Name: Service Merchants Corp.
Number: 11861
Registry: Dominica”

About Merchant Shares:
We are an International registered company in Dominica, since 2007. Globally started as Investment Company in 2014 and transformed into Advertising Company in March, 2017. We are the top 1% Visited Company on the Internet, Rated by ALEXA.

We have around 2 millions registered members among them around 100 thousands are regular members.

We help members around the world to view ads for free and get paid on the revenue share of the traffic. We have Advertising Packages worth value from $20 to $100, based on the packages you purchase will be able to view number of higher paid Advertisements and generate bigger revenue share. To know more about Advertising Packages click here.

Merchant Shares is an international organisation officially registered as “Service Merchants Corp.” with the company registration number 11861 in Commonwealth of Dominica under International Business Companies (IBC) ACT 1996.

We do care your security and we run servers in secure protocols (https).
Please make sure you see https://www.merchantshares.com in green for https as shown below while opening our site to avoid fake site or phishing site.”

How It Works:

“Following process are carried out respectively:

To participate into our system, member first register themselves and validate their account.

Free members can earn on viewing ads by acting as a paid viewers for those who recruit someone to view their ads. System will automatically disburse the ads to all the free members.

Member can deposit amount into MS to purchase advertising packages (Ads Pack).

Members having funds can purchase advertising packages.
We have a variety of advertising packages. And based on it, members will get paid on viewing ads. The more advertising packages you purchase, the more will get the ads to view and then get paid.

Members who do not have time to view ads can hire free members to view ads for them. You can purchase subscriptions which will hire someone to view your ads for you and get paid. This also help to earn some money for free member who do not have capacity to buy advertising packages.

Members will get daily returns in the range of 0.25% to 2.25% till their advertising packages purchase value has been fully earned 150%.

Member will transfer earned profits from ads view to respective payment method wallets in MS.

Members can instantly withdraw or purchase new advertising packages from wallet funds in MS.

You can invite your friends/families to join Merchant Shares and receive referral commissions when they purchase advertising packages.

For years, the unique business plan designed by Merchant Shares has proven to be incredibly stable and consistent for hundreds of thousands of satisfied members.”

Their Adpack plans are: 


All of these plans give returns of 0.25% min to 2.25% max daily, with a 30 days money back guarantee.

I checked out testimonials and  what others thought about Merchant Shares and I couldn’t find any negative comment.

My Verdict
From all the above, Merchant Shares look very professional and everything is well organised.
Though they stated that they are an International registered company in Dominica, since 2007, I am struggling to find how they would sustain this program.
Like I said most revenue share programs have expiry dates so learn how to prevent losing money in revenue shares.
Merchant Shares look very promising, just like Mypayingads, but play your cards well like I stated in how to prevent losing money in Revenue shares. 

Merchant Shares looks like they have good intentions, and I won’t call it a scam, but I don’t see Merchant Shares sticking around for years.
The compensation plan is not sustainable.

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  1. I have reported Merchant Shares to the FBI internet Fraud section and the IC3. According to the spokesperson, they have already received hundreds of complains about Merchant Shares. Their reply was basically: It is out of their jurisdiction and can not do much. They don’t investigate complains under $5000. But it is not all lost. She said the more complains they received the bigger the change that it will catch the eye of the investigators. She encourage all that have been scammed by Merchant Shares to loge a complain. Please if you have been scammed by Merchant shares lodge a complain and report them to the IC3

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