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7 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

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The “get a degree, find a job” system is archaic and completely choked now.
A University degree lately is a mere decoration in this century.
We all know the economy is very hard now, so being over reliant on a job now is surviving and not living.
The original design was for us to live to work, and not work to live!
Many organizations are collapsing now, the future is securing your own business online or even offline.
To make money in Nigeria now, you need to find multiple streams of income.
Please take your time to read this, lazy readers never make good entrepreneurs.
The best part is where we always skip!

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Emmanuel Osei, owner of smartincomeoffice.com.
You can choose to call me Karisma.
Anyway, speaking of online businesses, I can say I have over 7 years experience in online marketing so I know what I am about.
I have been involved in a lot of online and offline marketing programs and I have seen it all; both the ups and downs.

Now to subject matter, there are so many ways to make money online or make money in Nigeria, and I want to discuss about 7 of them:

1. Revenue Shares:

This is one of the easiest way to make money online without referring anyone, if not the easiest!
What Is A Revenue Share Company?
Revenue sharing generally is the distribution of profits and losses between stakeholders, who could be general partners (and limited partners in a limited partnership), a company’s employees, or between companies in a business alliance.

Business- Revenue sharing in Internet marketing is also known as cost per sale, in which the cost of advertising is determined by the revenue generated as a result of the advertisement itself.
This method accounts for about 80% of affiliate marketing programs,primarily dominated by online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Basically in online Revenue Share Programs, you pay for advertisements and make money from your advertising packages.

I Was Making $50 A Day With Revenue Shares:
Until the middle of May 2017, I was making around $50 a day with Revenue Shares till I took a break because of my strategy.
I am back now with an incredible Revenue Share company which is one of the best in the revenue industry currently, if not the best.

How You Earn:
 You basically earn 2% daily on your advertising packages daily!
To further explain what I mentioned earlier, you need to purchase advertisement in Revenue shares to make money daily.
The advertisement come in the form of advertising packages(adpacks).
The more adpacks you purchase, the more you earn daily, plus you have the opportunity to compound your earnings to earn even more!
You earn 2% on each active adpack till each adpack pays out 120%.
Since the main products in revenue shares are advertisement, you need to view ads every 24 hours to qualify for the daily revenue shares of 2% for each paid member.

What I’m About To Show You:
Contact me on the contact page for coaching on how to get started.

In this incredible revenue share, an adpack costs $35 each.
For example, you are broke and therefore can afford to purchase only one adpack for $35.
From what I explained earlier, you will earn 2% on your $35 daily till it pays out 120% which is $42.
The magic however is in buying more adpacks and compounding.
Let’s say you can afford to purchase 50 adpacks , 50 x $ 35adpacks = $1,750.
Don’t get scared, this is just an example, start with whatever you can afford.
Now, 2% of $1,750 will earn you $35 daily, meaning you would be able to purchase a new adpack every single day to increase your earnings.
The more adpacks you have, the more you earn.
If you can’t afford to buy more adpacks, you can start slowly and build up.

Note however that, revenue shares are not investment programs.
You pay to advertise your business to other members globally and get paid for the revenue generated daily from the adpack sales.
If you have no other business to advertise, no worries, you can pay little to no attention to that part and still make money.
Most of us are only here for the money anyway!
In Revenue shares, all you need to do is set a goal for how much you want to earn daily and work towards it.
If you are ready to make money online with Revenue shares, contact me on the contact page  for coaching on how to get started.


There are so many ways to make money with a blog  but for beginners, I’d like for us to to talk about making money with viral blogs. I don’t normally use this approach since I am more focused on other areas like coaching, creating and selling my own digital products on my blog, etc.
Don’t worry, I will teach you all that, but as a newbie or beginner, getting started with a viral blog is the quickest way, the rest will follow later.
This could ‘easily’ earn you around $50 a day or more, if you work it out rightly.
I know you must be thinking how difficult it would be to set up and design a professional blog, no worries I will design it for you!
I have been very busy the past months, growing my online businesses and establishing a couple of new blogs.   A lot of people messaged me to help them set up their own blogs and monetize them.
Due to my busy schedule, I responded that I would get back to them later.
I have some free time on my hands now so I want to dedicate the months of May and June to help those who have blogging aspirations and also desire to make money from blogging.

Before I address the subject at hand, I want to say that I really hate it when some bloggers exploit their followers to make money by promising them they would set up blogs for them, only to leave them hanging and confused, not knowing what to do next.
What most of these bloggers do is they only help you get the domain, set up the website building tool for you, and leave you to your inexperienced fate!
What they did was the easiest part, and it would be up to the beginners to set up the difficult parts themselves.
These so called master or experienced bloggers promise you you’d start making money with your blog soon, as you begin to imagine how life is going to be all rosy when you start blogging, until you start and find out the hard way that you are just at level 1 out of 1 billion levels!

All what these bloggers care about is the affiliate commission they’d earn from the hosting company, or the fees they’d charge you. The annoying part is they charge you ridiculous amounts but teach you nothing.
They don’t tell you the truth about how to make money from blogging, and they don’t teach you enough.
Here you are as a newbie who knows little to nothing about website design and some very technical aspects about setting up a blog; how would you manage to weather the storm when your experienced teacher has left you to your fate? If this is how you enrich yourself as a blogger, I’d advice you to put a halt to that and provide value for what people pay for.

Now to the subject matter; how do you make money from Viral/Entertainment/News blogs?
Viral blogs are on the upsurge because it is easier to copy or modify news from other sources, post it on your blog and promote it on social media.
On the other side of blogging : ‘content blogging’, it is very difficult to sit down to write valuable and original 1,500 to 2,000 word contents and optimize it for search engine indexing!
Everyone is running away from blogs like this, since it is very annoying and demanding, especially if writing is not a hobby of yours.
The easy way now for beginners is Viral blogging, and I want to share with you, the knowledge I have acquired about making money with Viral blogs, among many others.
But first, you need to set up and design your blog, I am willing to design it for you as a beginner and as time goes on and you become conversant with your blog dashboard, I will gradually teach you how to design a website too, aside coaching you on how to monetize your blog to make money from it.

What You Will Learn:
How To Monetize Your Blog.
How To Make Money From Viral or Entertainment Blogs.
How To Make $10 Over And Over Again From Your Blog.
How To Get More Referrals(Signups) For Your Online Business Using Your Blog.
How To Brand Yourself As A Leader Using Your Blog To Attract Prospects Like Magnet.
How To Write Hotcake Promotional Adverts.
How To Make Money From Blogging Without Adsense.
How To Get More Traffic From Facebook.
How To Get Your Blog Indexed In Google Search.
How To Spend Less Money On Your Facebook Ads.
How To Select A Good Website Domain Or Niche.
I Will Design Your Blog For You!
And lastly after the training, I’d teach you how to design a website later!

Who Is This For???
Maybe you enjoy writing and you want to set up a blog to express yourself.
Perhaps you want to set up a blog for your business.
Maybe you have an online business that requires referring but you struggle to refer.
Maybe you want to make money from blogging.
It could also be that you already own a blog but struggle to make money from it.
Perhaps you are just curious about owning a blog and want to have one for the fun of it…

If your story is among the above, I am willing to help you set up your blog and even design it for you!
I am willing to give you in-depth coaching on how to make money from your blog.

What Is The Cost?

Most of these top bloggers charge ridiculous amounts for just setting up the website creation tool for you, and that is it!
I am going to serve you with all the above, and even sacrifice my sleep to design your blog for you!
Like I mentioned, most of these so called top bloggers charge ridiculous amounts like 300 cedis, plus monthly charges to teach you nothing!
A website developer would charge you around 500 to 1,000 cedis to design your blog for you!
So the value of the package I’d give you is around 109,037.11 Naira .
But I am willing to cut the price drastically to an incredible fee of just 11,000 Naira, unbelievable, just 11,000 Naira!
Meaning, I will design your website for you free of charge! Cool deal, you won’t get this anywhere.
But you would also need to pay for your website domain and hosting.
If you don’t know what a domain is, your domain is your website address.
Eg: www.smartincomeoffice.com.
A host is the company that handles all of your website’s data.

Don’t worry I will teach you how to get a cheap domain and pay a small amount for hosting services as a beginner.
You won’t spend more than 5,815 Naira for your domain registration and hosting, trust me.
In total you’d spend just a little above 14,538 Naira (Tutorial fee+Hosting Services+Domain Registration), this is cheap! I spend over 109,037.11 Naira for hosting for this blog alone!
I know such amount is too huge for a beginner, reason why I’m going to teach you how to get reliable and cheap website hosting and domain registration as a beginner.
I am doing this because I want to help those who desire to own blogs but can’t afford it.

Cheap, Get In Quick

This is a promotion I am running on smart income office.
Once this promotion is over, I am not going to accept more requests, since it is too much work.
I didn’t want to do it in the first place because of the work involved, but I have to sacrifice and help those who keep on texting me via whatsapp and email to help them set up blogs, to enable them make money from blogging.

This is only an offer that I would close very soon; if you are interested, get in quick.
When I get a certain number of feedback, I won’t take anymore requests since it is a lot of work.
I would set up a whatsapp forum where training would be held.

Contact me to book your spot before I close this promo; it is a lot of work, trust me.
I wish to but I can’t accept too many people. Serious people only though, I won’t respond to the non-serious ones.
So for 11,000 Naira, I am going to give you in-depth coaching on how to make money from blogging and also build and design your blog for you, I can’t even believe I’m doing this!
I have to prepare for lots of sleepless nights!
Contact me, get in quick as I would close all orders after the numbers reach my intake limit.
NB: It is best for you to get a PC if you don’t have one before we get started, this is a PC affair, not a mobile phone affair.
Emmanuel Osei
(Owner, Smartincomeoffice.com)



Youtube is a goldmine!
You too can make money on Youtube.
One question:
When you watch a video on youtube, do you see that annoying ad that you can’t wait to skip?
Well to you it’s annoying but to another person it’s business!
Yes, anytime you watch that video and the ad is displayed, the owner of that video makes money!
You may be asking, how?
You see, major companies purchase advertising on youtube just as they do on tv and radio.
But since most of the videos don’t belong to youtube but individuals, youtube unselfishly decided to pay for ads displayed on your video.

So these companies pay owners of Youtube: Google, to display their ads on your videos.
Google then share the money they make with the video owners.

That surely sounds good right?
Don’t be singing Hallelujah yet!
You won’t be rich overnight because you get paid few cents per hundreds of views.
That shouldn’t discourage you because it is all about hard work and numbers!
If you are able to rake in hundreds of thousands of views, you can only imagine your potential income.
Yes you can do it too if others are doing it.
Musicians get millions and millions of views on youtube and I am certain most of them have monetized their videos.
Most of these musicians make good money here.
Don’t worry if you have no idea about monetizing your youtube videos, we shall come to that later.

So don’t waste your time on youtube by only making others rich; you can set up your business over there too.
You may be saying to yourself; oh I’m no musician and I have no music videos, how do I make money on youtube?

Well, you don’t need to be a musician to make money on youtube.
Let me give you some few practical tips:
The next time you go on holiday trips, vacations, excursions, expeditions, hiking, camping etc, don’t just take selfies and pose like an agama lizard to post on facebook for 200 likes and go sleep hungry! Are you gonna eat those likes?

As a matter of fact, Mark Zuckerberg should be paying us for the time we spend on facebook.
He should be paying us for the likes, status updates, comments, the videos we upload etc
If he’s not gonna do it, youtube is doing it, so take advantage.

When you go on such pleasure trips, don’t just take selfies. Capture unique places on camera, take pictures of interesting stuffs to make a slide show video for youtube, take videos of unique places that people will be interested to watch etc.
The prank videos you watch on youtube, it’s not all about making you laugh; they are banking in the dollar every time you visit youtube to go have a laugh.
Same applies to the football highlights you watch on Youtube daily; the owners of those videos are making a living from your views.

You may be very good at doing something, why don’t you post a tutorial video on youtube?

The next step is to upload them on youtube and give them interesting and catchy “Titles” that would make viewers eager to click that stubborn play button.
You can then promote these videos on various advertisement platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

You can choose to purchase advertising on facebook and instagram to promote the videos too for larger views.
There goes Mark Zuckerberg again; he’s not paying us what we deserve yet he is taking more from us.
If you have no idea how to create advertisement on facebook, just click here to follow the step by step guidelines.
You only need a credit/debit card and a facebook fan page with over 200 likes to be qualified

Our next topic is the step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. It is not difficult to monetize your videos. I have put together a step by step guide on how to monetize your videos. After uploading your videos on Youtube, just follow the steps I outlined here: STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR YOUTUBE TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR VIDEOS

Just follow the steps and you’d be good to go.
But note that Google has exempted some countries from youtube video monetization.
Fortunately Ghana is included now, but if your country is exempted and you have relatives in other parts of the globe, you can register with their address.
That is what I did when Ghana wasn’t included- I used a UK address.
To the cyber smart ones, you can’t beat Google.
So don’t try to change your IP to that of a foreign country’s IP to register.
After registration, Google would send a mail which contains a special code, to the address you stated in the registration form, to confirm your address.
So if you give a fake address and they send the mail to that address, how would you access the code?
Never also try to monetize Videos that do not belong to you else Youtube will ban you; they have mechanisms in place to check this.
NB: Please be informed that Google recently introduced a new policy that video creators need to get 10,000 views or more before monetization would be enabled! This means you need to get 10,000 views before you’s be able to monetize your Youtube video! The bar has been raised, but you can do it as others are doing it too.

 4.Offline Affiliate Marketing For The Broke Man:
Maybe you are dead broke and don’t have the means to start any of the above.
Well, an easy way for a dead broke man to make money in Nigeria is to sell other people’s products!
Looking around, there aren’t too many products that would make you some nice income, so I recommend selling other people’s cars!
I’d give you a trick for free.
Just visit a car garage, talk to the owners about your intentions and strike a deal.
The fact is most of these owners don’t know much about social media, ecommerce, online marketing etc.
‘Yob’ them(convince them that you can help sell the cars quickly if you post pictures and market them online.
With their approval, take pictures of the cars and post on ecommerce sites.
You can choose to also post them on facebook, but for better results, you’d have to use sponsored advertisements, where you pay facebook for more reach.
If you obviously can’t afford the daily minimum of $10 facebook charges for sponsored ads, there is a trick you could use to cut down the cost.
Click here to check it out.
I recommend an ecommerce site like olx first though, as you will get better results there, compared to facebook.

But please don’t go about taking photo shots of people’s vehicles without their approval, lest you get slapped.
It is easy for you to be tagged a thief if you go about taking pictures of people’s cars without their consent, and I am sure you know the fate of thieves in the hands of a mob in Ghana or Nigeria.
Make sure you look presentable before you go talk to these owners.
Talk to them and strike a deal first, before you make any attempt to take photos.
Target cars like Toyota Corolla, Vibe Pontiac, Toyota Camry, and the like, since they move faster.
For instance, if the owner is selling the vehicle for a last price of 30,000 in Ghanaian, you could add 500 cedis in your advertisement.
You will make a cool 500 cedis when it is bought. Just do the same for amounts in Naira.

5.Writing And Selling E-books:
Are you an expert in a particular field?
Why don’t you write about your knowledge to make money from it?
You would be surprised how successful it would eventually turn out to be.
It could be about body building, weight loss etc
Just take a look around to find out the die needs of people to provide solutions if you have in-depth knowledge about their needs. You will make a lot of money if you are a problem solver.
It doesn’t cost much at all to write an ebook in a pdf format and put it up for sale online.
If your book provides a remedy for a sought after niche, you would smile to the bank, and at the same time put smiles on the faces of people.
What do you know? What secrets do you have that would be of benefit to a lot of people?
It is high time you write about it.
Feel free to contact me for coaching on how to publish an ebook.

6.An alternative to the above, is to be a success coach!
This is similar to writing e-books about your expertise, only that with this, you organize pay to attend seminars or conferences instead.
How many times haven’t you paid to attend these make money seminars?
These success coaches charge for the knowledge they share with you, in the form of attendance tickets.
The halls are usually full to capacity, so imagine how much they make just from seminar, let alone the products they market to you.
It is all about branding yourself properly and voilaaaaaa, you are ready to go.
People will attend as long as you have a vital information to share.
These success coaches organize these seminars in different cities and countries periodically, and they do make a lot of profit from attendance only.
Feel free to contact me about how to brand yourself to do this.

7.Don’t Pay For University If You Can’t Afford It:
Below is detailed(blueprint) entrepreneurship guide for students.
It also falls under this topic indirectly.
So this is another way to make money in Nigeria, click on the link below:

Don’t Pay For University If You Can’t Afford It

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