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What The World Is Saying About MDCM In 2018- My Daily Cash Machine Mass Review

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What is MDCM – My Daily Cash Machine, does it work, do they deliver, is it a scam???
Let’s hear what the world has to say:

William G Bryant, USA: 
“I joined MDCM in December of 2016 after looking out on the cyberspace landscape and seeing that most people were not really promoting a real business. Instead, it seemed everyone was chasing the money of ICOs, the next altcoin to blow, or they were promoting an investment opportunity and calling it a “business”(USI Tech, Questra World, anyone?)

I knew then that what that represented was an opportunity that most people hardly even considered from that perspective. Me, well, I’m too intuitive towards my income potentials to miss prevailing trends, and I’m too much of a Boss willing to go against the tide of the sheep being driven to the proverbial slaughterhouse.

Mostly, I believe that we’re suppose to make money, not chase money. That’s why I and trading opportunities don’t get along very well: Everyone I ever tried scammed!

It’s why you don’t see me posting about the next big currency, either. Chasing the money comes at the expense of protecting the network. Too many people see themselves as loners-on-the-money. Too many people attempt to defy the network implications related to making money, and instead, they just want to hit it big real quick!

The history of the game of money has always been the flaunting of money without the capacity to articulate the value context of money. The history of money is that people have always tried to beat up other people with the money by flaunting it to no end: “Look at how much money I got”, is the world’s fundamental statement to each other with money.

Not “come, let’s go make some money”, the world doesn’t know how to say that.

Have you ever noticed that the world instructs you on how to save money, how to be a consumer- and the world may even tell you to “invest”, but never in what or why.

The world also never instructs on how to run a business- even though its the business which would make the money to pay people even on their investments.

These were some of my thoughts as I began to drive MDCM across cyberspace over a year ago.

When I joined MDCM I was literally rubbing my hands in anticipation of my analysis: If what I was seeing of so many chasing the money was true, then my pushing a business was going to be a breath of fresh air online!

Let me ask you a question while we’re on the subject: Why do so many people chase the money in the manner that they do? Not kids, but grown people who you’d think had experienced life enough to know that the chase represents a hook being in their mouths and that they’re actually being dragged across multiple platforms as the hook snares a string of more fish on its line.

Are people afraid to get behind a business? Is it that people can’t really articulate the structure of a business, but they can see the money just fine? These were some of the questions I held in my mind as I ventured out in 2016 across cyberspace to inform the world of MDCM. I saw an opportunity that to this day continues to reward me from my having properly gauged the cyberspace landscape from a lofty enough position to give me clarity over the ensuing chaos.

My mind told me: “While everyone else is chasing the money, now’s a great time to drive a business”. So, instead of chasing the money, I simply drove a business and I’ll keep driving a business called MDCM while the majority are still chasing the money.#Iajs #MDCM” – 
William G Bryant, USA


Bruno Emanuel:

#MDCM  has made more than 4 Million payouts in 12 months! Payouts EVERYDAY! If fact, multiple times during the day!!! Can it get even better than this?! YES IT CAN!!! be prepare for the next project from MDCM! »» http://bit.ly/teamcashmachine” – Bruno Emanuel

MDCM Payout


Bernadette Hieke Culp, USA:

“If you want to stop chasing the dream and start living it #MDCM is your answer. I’ve seen so many businesses come and go over the last 8 months I’ve been with MDCM and I’m so glad I stayed laser focused with MDCM! We’re still here and will be for the long haul!

No shortcuts, no magic spells, no secrets. Merely an effective, day by day approach to making a difference in peoples lives. A community where everyone earns, students, moms & dads, leaders, freelancers, managers and entrepreneurs.” – Bernadette Hieke Culp, USA

Bernadette Hieke Culp’s Screenshot



Emmanuel Karisma Osei – Ghana:

“Guys, it is pretty much obvious that MDCM is a game changer.
Shane Brewer is very innovative from my observations thus far.
I have had no regrets whatsoever since joining the MDCM boat, which is most definitely not a sinking one.
I have earned and withdrawn thousands of dollars since I joined and MDCM is always a program I can rely on, whenever I need a ‘quickie’ withdrawal.
I needed a $500 quickie few days ago and boom, I got it, to pay off something urgently online.
I just finished making a $535 withdrawal few minutes ago too, for another quickie, and also to test the new 2FA code withdrawal, it works perfectly.

I see no reason why one would still sit on the fence in this group and watch us make all the money.
What are you waiting for; a collapse, so you say I told you so?
Well, sorry to burst your bubble, we are just getting started.
I have been a member of every popular Rev Share and MDCM’s uniqueness and innovation is crystal clear to me.
And oh, our own ICO is in the pipeline, which is going to make us even more money.
The other time, Shane posted about returning from Iceland on a Business trip, which was geared towards generating more external MDCM income- Bitcoin mining I presume.
Shane has a huge vision and MDCM is solid.

Glad I didn’t waste too much time when I heard of MDCM.
Most of these huge programs that started with MDCM and even had their members mocking the idea of a Revenue Share, have either closed or are crumbling.
MDCM to the moon! #MDCM” – Emmanuel Karisma Osei – Ghana


CLICK HERE To Join Us On MDCM, And Contact Me Using The Contact Menu On This Blog, And I Will Assist You To Get Started.

Patrick Schimelfenig, USA:

“Ok, so my wife Chrissy usually does the shopping and I usually ask why it costs so much. So she gave me a list and off I went on errands.

Grocery shopping is stressful..lol. Took me awhile to find stuff and food is expensive, never mind the cost of fruit and eating healthy. Much respect as this was a challenge to get everything on list and can’t believe how much groceries cost. I will hand the shopping back to her.

The errands took me awhile, but am thankful to know that all groceries, gas for car, a few other odds and ends were paid for from my work and efforts building My Daily Cash Machine over 90 days into the #cashcow I said it would be to my set goal and plan.

Many times you see posts of all the money people are making and getting rich. But I know that building a business and growing will begin to change your life and the lives of others. It’s nice to be able to take the wins and have a direct impact of my life and my families. I know people are looking to make a direct impact on their lives daily. Yes $500 a month extra, $1,000 a month extra is the beginning for many if you are building a business. It can my done and I did it with #MDCM. I will follow my plan but it is my cash cow and will leverage it as such to change my life, time freedom and more time and memories with family.

But what do I know…so many sitting with Crypto on paper going to the moon someday, when I am the dummy changing my life. ICO or Bitcoin( I did the math for you all when it was @ $19k and the posts came and flooded my newsfeed sign up a Coinbase buy it and change your life. Hmmm. But just looking and lead those that want to build a business and impact their lives. Whether its groceries, gas or that vacation.

Makes perfect sense to me to leverage MDCM to goals and a direct impact on my family and our lives. For over 4 months paid daily, worked plan withdraw when need to use for plan ( lighting quick SB…thank you) I ❤️MDCM and grateful as it changes and impacts my life.” –
Patrick Schimelfenig, USA



Lee Oshea, UK and UAE:

“In 2017 the program that made me was MyDailyCashMachine.
In 2018 the program that continues to make me money is #MDCM, however, I always stick to my programs until I get fairly big then I say add one more program….| – Lee Oshea, UK and UAE


Sylvie Lenoir, France:

“When I started with MDCM 8 months ago, I could never imagine I would totalize a so great amount, earn 500 or $700 a day, or withdraw big money when I want …
When I began MDCM I was not poor, but not rich at all, not successful and anonymous .
In the previous years I had tried many online business and had a good knowledge of it, but never really earned big money
When I began MDCM, I was always anxious about my next years, and was living under the weight of my old experiences of life and online business, but decided to engage totally and exclusively in it …
Now, after only 8 months, I can build a nice bitcoin account or help my friends who need money for their enterprise and I can consider to go where I want to, when I want to.
Of course I took a risk by being totally involved in My Daily Cash Machine, of course I could encourage people to continue to be careful and passive, but how could I, when I know how MDCM transformed my life and can make a difference for them …
MDCM is the best revshare I’ve ever seen, and has many other new projects
But If you are looking for a free business and no work, MDCM is definitively not for you !” –
Sylvie Lenoir, France

Sylvie Lenoir’s Screenshot


Antonio Holt, USA:

“Are you tired of wasting time on internet scams and ponzis?

Do you want to leverage a real opportunity that operates across multiple online modalities?

Then listen close. I’m going to be sharing with the you what the so call leaders never want you to find out and that’s exactly how they are taking advantage of you. It starts with the fact that their “Opportunity” seeks to fleece you since it’s inherently riddled with cheat codes.

My Daily Cash Machine not only recognizes your intrinsic value but it was created to leverage it for your benefit. That’s right. Unlike 99% of the companies around, MDCM to created to harness and enhance your value vs extracting and redistributing it to their shareholders. Instead we turned that model on its head putting you in the position to profit from partnering with MDCM.

We have the most powerful model for earning money online through revenue sharing. Contrary to what you may have heard from your leader, It’s the most powerful business model online for quite a few reasons but here are the highlights as well as how MDCM has perfected it.

Revenue sharing allows you to profit off the production of the entire company. You are rewarded proportionally to your effort in helping MDCM profit. This can be done 4 ways and when combined they create wealth snowballs even in August.

Buying ad packages allows you to profit a few ways.

MDCM profits from our cpa network at cpa.mdcm.com

MDCM earns and shares the profits from adpacks sales. This is the secret that nobody seems to understand about a rev share. MDCM buys outside traffic with your adpack purchase and drives out traffic to MDCM which benefits everyone because these visitors generate profit in several ways.

1. They click your offers you advertise in our exchange and buy your stuff and you get paid.

2. They click cpa offers from our cpa network and you share in the revenue pool.

3. They buy adpacks and we leverage those purchases to generate more profit to share with all members.

4. They promote MDCM alongside members and generate even more profit.

MDCM accepts many cryptocurrencies that are also being leveraged for more profits to share. Our platform is intuitive and provides an array of ways you can utilize the platform to execute your agenda.

A winning mindset with MDCM requires that you understand your inherent value in the online space. Leveraging this platform you can safely build your brand and network. Based on your participation whether advertising or reffering other members, you will share in the growth and profit with MDCM.

Your main focus should be monetizing your ad space even if you only utilize cpa offers. This can be lucrative in itself outside of the revenue sharing aspect. MDCM is intuitive and fluid in the sense that we operate across multiple online modalities meaning only your vision and drive are the only limits on how your business benefits from MDCM.

Hit my inbox and let’s talk value. If I can’t help you facilitate your agenda I’m sure someone in my network can. Boss up with Bosses.” – Antonio Holt, USA


CLICK HERE To Join Us On MDCM, And Contact Me Using The Contact Menu On This Blog, And I Will Assist You To Get Started.

Karl Walker, Mauritius:

“I bought 10 adpacks on 20th August and another 11 more a week later. I now have a total of 148 adpacks. After 60 days I withdrew a reward and compounded again building up my numbers. Hit my goals always way ahead of schedule. I’ve been able to completely cover my seed money and am compounding again. Going to hit 150 adpacks in 2 days. Moving up in 2018” –
Karl Walker, Mauritius



William G Bryant, USA:

“Some of you are going to jump program to program this year just as you did last year.

I think this year I’ll stick with the one MDCM that paid me all of last year.

So, essentially, I guess we both will be doing what we do best: I take the elevator to the top and you take the steps of multiple platforms! I wonder how many of your referrals keep up with you on those stairmasters?

I wonder when will you simply learn to get paid from your inherent value?#Iajs #MDCM” –
William G Bryant, USA


Lee Oshea, UK/UAE:

“This is day 2 of 2018.
A lot of my friends underestimated MDCM.
All thought it would be gone; another revshare that will only last 6 months.
This is going to smash 2018, watch and see double and triple earnings start to come in by the time we’re finished with what we have planned.
I will only support MDCM in 2018 (MDCM)
Why add more when MDCM is about to seriously kick butt.
To all the MDCM members I wish each and everyone of you all the very best. I am on that on that road to success with you.

This year, oh man, this year is going to be Insane” – Lee Oshea, UK/UAE

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