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MY 6 Months Journey So Far In MDCM-My Daily Cash Machine Review 2018

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I have seen quite a number of MDCM reviews by other bloggers who have little to no idea about what MDCM is.
What you are about to read is a complete review by someone who has patronized MDCM’s advertisement services, and have tried and tested its compensation plan.
This is the review that counts, not a review based on assumptions, and done by people who know nothing about MDCM.
Like they say, HE WHO FEELS IT, KNOWS IT!
So here we go:

Before I tell my MDCM journey in detail, about how it all started, this is how I have fared thus far:
I started on the 11th Of June 2017 with 6 Adpacks which cost me $210.
I did a test withdrawal of $10 from my earnings and studied the program for a while.
Once I realised how solid and well organized the program was, I started telling business minded friends and prospects about it.
I earned commissions from their purchases and repurchases, and with commissions earned mostly, I was able to repurchase more adpacks and build my adpack portfolio from 6 Adpacks to about 120 Adpacks in 3 months! One adpack costs $35.
Then I thought it wise to go in harder, so I bought 60 more adpacks from my pocket which cost me over $2,000.
Then I kept on sharing the good news to people, repurchasing with my earnings and doing periodic withdrawals alongside.

Currently, I have 691 Adpacks in total. 333 Adpacks have expired though, so I have 358 Active adpacks now.
I have earned over $27,000 in six months.
I have withdrawn over $6,000 smoothly via both Bitcoin and Perfectmoney with no headache whatsoever.
I have currently put a halt to withdrawals though.
I am repurchasing Adpacks with my earnings, and at the same time sharing the good news.
My goal in 2018 is to reach 1000 adpacks and over, and build a team of over 1,000 referrals, hopefully but very possible!

Now This is How It All Began:
For someone who has had both good and bad experiences with Revenue Shares, and a bad experience not long ago, I was very skeptical when I first found out about MDCM – MY DAILY CASH MACHINE at the comments section, under a Revenue Share argument on Facebook.
I bless the day that argument took place!
Anyway, I have lost thousands of dollars and made thousands of dollars as well with Revenue Shares.
The name ‘My Daily Cash Machine’ itself was a major turnoff for me in the first place.
But then I asked myself; “why a cash machine, there must be something unique about this so let me take a look”?
Moreover those who were defending My Daily Cash Machine at the comments section kept mentioning an internal CPA network. That really intensified my curiosity.
So my heightened curiosity led me to search for My Daily Cash Machine on Facebook, hoping to find a Facebook group or page at least.
Curiosity they say kills the cat, but this time curiosity would lead me to a gold mine.

I found a Facebook page and a group page as well for MDCM, together with individual posts about MDCM.
I was somewhat impressed with the discussions in the group page but I was still skeptical.
My continuous search about MDCM on Facebook led me to Lee Oshea’s posts the most and I was very much impressed with his progress.

Also, Watch Some Of My Live MDCM Withdrawals Here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCriOeEiQaKnc2fPKoE83Qaw/videos

I contacted him and that was how I got to know Lee Oshea.
So we discussed about MDCM as I continued to ask him questions to know more and also make sure I was in safe hands.

I therefore went on to join MDCM via Lee Oshea and I didn’t waste much time sitting on the fence at all.
I logged in to get myself acquainted with my back office and tested the ads.
That was another unique stuff that impressed me about MDCM; the ads!
You know, being a member of almost all the famous Revenue Shares like MAPS, TM, MPA, FAP, surfing ads was a headache as one would have to click on one ad and go back to click on the next.
Over here at MDCM, the ads are automated, making it pretty much easier, compared to the rest.
I loved the website interface and templates too; professional, clean and not bombarded with millions of unnecessary banner ads.
Then I saw articles by William G Bryant aka Boss, and I said to myself oh wow, there are some intelligent leaders out here.

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The internal CPA network, which is not just a hear say but is backed with proof by owner, Shane Brewer, was the icing on my impressed cake so I didn’t waste anymore time.
I funded my Perfect Money next day on the 11th of June 2017, and bought 6 adpacks just to test the waters.
Being recently burned by a famous one and having over 500 referrals in there, I decided to give Revenue Shares another chance through MDCM, despite the fact that I had lost hope in that business model.
As a networker and a go-getter, I took it upon myself to share MDCM with my team and other prospects regardless of the fact that most of them had also been recently burned in that famous revenue share.
A lot were reluctant but the determined ones joined hands with me on MDCM, and today on Wednesday, the 18th of January 2018, I keep kicking myself saying I wish I had known about MDCM way earlier.

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The screenshots below show my number of adpacks plus my earnings after 3 months, way back September 2017:



CLICK HERE To Join Us On MDCM, And Contact Me Using The Contact Menu On This Blog, And I Will Assist You To Get Started.

The screenshots below shows the number of adpacks I have now and my earnings after 7 months, the difference is evident:


My Adpacks


My earnings

Watch Some Of My Live MDCM Withdrawals Here:

CLICK HERE To Join Us On MDCM, And Contact Me Using The Contact Menu On This Blog, And I Will Assist You To Get Started.

No Monthly Fees
No Repurchase Rules
Internal CPA Network Providing External Funds
Unlimited Adpacks
Owner- Shane Brewer, doesn’t take cuts from MDCM’s coffers as salary, he earns money just the same manner as members do; buy adpacks!
Reliable Server
Owner takes part in discussions on Social media, enhancing transparency.
Timely Support System
MDCM has its own online gaming platform that generates extra revenue
Bought mining Bitcoin mining shares to generate extra revenue
Invests in cryptocurrency to generate extra revenue etc

 Is MDCM A Scam Or Not?

Before we talk about whether or not My Daily Cash Machine is a scam, I would like to mention that over the years, Revenue Share or Investment programs have been on the rise in the online money making industry.
Many online marketers struggle to make money via multi level marketing and affiliate marketing so many have resorted to revenue shares and high yield investment programs as the easier way out.
The top recruiters in the online marketing game, also use this medium to make even more money, since it is way easier to promote programs that don’t require referring to earn.

Let Us Scrutinize My Daily Cash Machine:
Website looks clean and good.
Website is well protected, see below:

Owner of business is known and not hidden. 
Owner is Shane Brewer, UK.
Owner participates in Social Media Forum.
Website has its own internal CPA.
This is not a hear say, it is backed with CPA earning proof.
Address of MDCM is 150 High Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 9LP United Kingdom.
MDCM is paying, and I have lots of payment proof, not just me, there are a lot of payment proofs here:


Thanks For Reading.

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