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How To Make Money In Nigeria Today

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As a woman with in-depth knowledge about network marketing, I got sick and tired of people losing their money to scammers who create impossible to complete matrices and eventually keep all the money, leaving the poor members burned.
It is very hard to make money in Nigeria now, the economy is getting worse, jobs don’t pay well, and when they do pay well, more than half of it is used to pay for bills.
There are no jobs, thus the graduate to employment ratio is getting wider and wider.
In my quest to help in my own small way, I created a unique system to help rectify the cancer in network marketing(matrices).

Failure has invaded the matrix industry and turned it from what it used to be to a raw myth.
As a result of these failures, 7 best Matrix experts from 4 different continents have come together for a REVOLUTION. This coming together gave birth to the best matrix in the globe.
During this period, The challenges, reasons and problems behind the failures of the matrix system over the years were carefully analysed, discussed and tackled, your matrix of the century was then drafted out and has come to break all odds. Taken into consideration all the problems and proffering solutions to them.
Before I show you how to get started, allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Zinny, a full blooded Nigerian living in the UK.
I am creator and the spearhead of the unique system I am about to show you.

How It Works:
This is an easy to complete revolution matrix which has been carefully and intelligently designed to help you complete all 4 short levels quickly.
You get paid at each level, and completing all levels pay you a total of 1.4 Bitcoin, which is currently over $10,000! That is over 3.6 million Naira!
It doesn’t even end there, there is a unique re-entry aspect in this system that raises the earning potential to over 4 bitcoins.
This is very achievable and you can do it.
Our company was launched on October 15th and already, members have earned 1.5 Bitcoins and over.Testimonials:
Below is a testimony by one of our Ghana members; Karisma, owner of Smart Income Office.




Hello I am Emmnauel Osei from Ghana, you can choose to call me Karisma.
I make some nice income online through multiple streams, most of which are expensive for the average Joe in Ghana to afford. 
Thankfully I came across this intelligently designed and cheap program that would blow up your mind.
First day in this program I earned 0.2985 Bitcoin which is over $1,700, no hype.
See a screenshot of my earnings below:

My team members also earned around $600, $300, $200, etc.
All of these just on the first day!

Here is also a screenshot of some of my team members expressing their joy after earning:

Fast forward, 2 weeks in this program, I have earned over 1.5 Bitcoin, which is currently $8,592!
I have withdrawn 0.4 Bitcoin so far, see below for withdrawal proof in my Bitcoin wallet:

Withdrawal 1

As you can clearly see from the photo above, I did the withdrawal on the 17th of October;
O.1 Btc for each withdrawal. You see 0.0998 Btc instead of 0.1 because there are little transaction fees charged.

Like I said, I withdrew 0.4 Bitcoin, so below is a screenshot of the last one:


That is another $557. That was valued at $557.17, unlike the rest which were all valued at $557.89 because Bitcoin is very volatile. The value changes in seconds, minutes, days…….
So add the $557.17 to $1,673.67 and I have withdrawn $2,230.17!
That is 9,801.60 Cedis!

For those who can’t see it clearly, below is a screenshot from my mobile app:


Below are  screenshots of some of my team members who are happily making money:

As you can see, it works, period!

That was Karisma and his team’s testimony.

Below is also a testimony of one of our Nigerian members, Andrew Ameh, also known as Stash:


About 0.197BTC X $5710=$1124.8 equivalent to #404,953 earned within 24hours. Many of our team members have also earned good amount of BTC n more to come.
Watch out for us, we have just arrived!

Earning proof
Earning proof

So there you go, these and many more testimonies that we can’t share here.
It is your turn to create your testimony too.
CLICK HERE to register, then contact me on ……. for coaching and how to get started.



About karisma

Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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