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Permissions error Facebook instant articles

How To Solve Permissions Error For Facebook Instant Articles Submit For Review

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Hello, you are obviously here because you are unable to fully set up your Facebook instant articles and submit for review because each time you hit the submit for review button, you get a Permissions Error feedback.
I understand how frustrating it is because I faced the same problem.
You see, the reason why you get a permissions error feedback back is that you didn’t fully complete your set up for facebook instant articles.

How You Did It
Let me walk you through how you did the set up:
You clicked on sign up
Selected your page
You were directed to Publication Tools
You read through and found the information overwhelming with all those codes and RSS Productions
So you read around and found out you can set it up easily with the Facebook Instant Articles Plugin
So you logged in to your wordpress
Installed the plugin
Visited Facebook developers page for your app id and secret
Logged in and followed the instructions at the plugin settings, from linking your Facebook page to customizing your theme for instant articles.
You then say to yourself, this is way easier, no need for all those meta tag coding and RSS feed productions.
You hit submit for review with a smile and booom, you get this notification:
You become confuse and try over and over again, but you still get the same notification:
You have no idea what went wrong.

What Went Wrong
These are the reasons why you got the PERMISSIONS ERROR notification during your Facebook instant articles setup:

You are not yet done:
After logging in with your app id and app secret at WordPress, stop there at wordpress.
You haven’t yet linked your website and website’s Rss feed to your WordPress.
To do this, you need to go back to Publication tools(where you were directed to copy a meta code and paste it in your website’s header.
You need to go paste that code, claim your url and fill in your Rss feed address.
If you are confused, follow the whole set up guide below, this will solve your Permissions Error headache.
You can thank me later:

How To Set Up Facebook Instant Articles
To set it up, you need a Facebook fan page, if you don’t have one, create one for your blog or whatever niche.
Firstly, you need to sign up for Facebook instant articles and verify your website.
First log in to your Facebook account, then visit https://instantarticles.fb.com/ and click on Sign Up.

Instant Articles Sign Up Page

You would be directed to choose the page you want to link to Facebook Instant Articles.
Select the page and click on Access Instant Article Tools.
You would be directed to Facebook Publishing Tools.

select page

Connect Your Website To Facebook Instant Articles
Over there at Publishing Tools, read around to understand it all, then scroll down to Tools.
At Tools, click on Connect Your Site.

copy meta tag

Then copy the meta tag, you need to copy it and go paste it in your header.php on your WordPress blog.
Copy this:

So copy it and visit your WordPress blog.
At WordPress, go to your Dashboard and hover your mouse on Appearance on your left side and click on Editor at the bottom.

wordpress dashboard, go to appearance at the bottom

At editor on your right side, search for Theme header(header.php)

click on Theme Header(header.php)
head opening

Now at header.php, you will see some codes, don’t panic, and don’t touch anything there.
I assume most of you here are even here because you already know a lot about wordpress.
If you are not familiar with this coding part, hold on first.
I will address you specially later.
For those who are familiar with wordpress and php files, you  need to paste the meta tag between <head>
and </head>.
is the opening of your website’s header,

and </head> is the closing of the header,

head closing

so you would paste the meta tag you copied in between <head> and </head>.

So search for <head> and </head> using Ctrl+F.
You will find a lot of codes already between them, don’t touch them, just scroll down to the last code before </head>, click next to the code and hit the enter key two times for spacing, then paste your meta tag there.
This is how it should look like:

meta tag pasted

As you can see my meta tag is before </head> and after </script>.
was the closing for the last code before </head>.

When you are done just scroll down at the main page and click on Update File.

If You Are Not Used To Codes

Now for those who are not used to these codes, before you begin all what I taught above, make sure you copy everything at header.php and save it on your pc at word, before you start.
This is for backup purposes as you may ruin your website if you tamper with any code there.
So before you start, just copy everything first to word and save it for backup.
If you notice your website doesn’t function properly after clicking on Update file, just go to copy the codes you saved and update it again to get your site functioning properly, then try again.

Claim Your URL

You are now done pasting your meta tag, so go back to Facebook, to Publishing Tools, to where you copied the meta tag and type in your blog’s address and click on claim URL.

claim your url

If you did the above meta tag pasting rightly, claiming your url will be a success.
There will be a successful notification, and you would find your blog address under “Your Registered Urls like it is shown here:

Your site has been successfully verified now….
Next is to add your RSS feed to instant articles.

Your RSS feed basically provides instant articles with your blog post updates.
This will be done with a wordpress plugin developed by Facebook called Facebook Instant Articles Plugin For WordPress.
So go back to your wordpress dashboard, hover your mouse on Plugins and click on Add New.
Now search for instant articles and choose the one with a thunderbolt logo, that is the official plugin for instant articles. See below image:

click on settings

Click on Install Now, then click on Activate.
Plugin has been successfully installed now so go back to the plugins navigation below Appearance, and click on it.
Among your installed plugins, search for Instant Articles For WP.
Your installed articles are in alphabetical order so keep that in mind.
When you find Instant Articles for WP, click on Settings

At settings, you would be directed to input your App Id and App Secret:

plugin settings

If you haven’t yet created a Facebook app, you need to create one.
Don’t get a high blood pressure yet, it is easy!
Just visit https://developers.facebook.com, then click on Add New App.

add new app

Fill in any name you’d like to give your App under Display name, fill in your contact email(you should see the email linked to your Facebook already there) and click on Create App ID.
Now visit your app’s dashboard by clicking on the app name you just created and click on Settings on the left side.
Scroll down to the end and click on Add Platform, some options would pop up, click on website.

add platform
click on website

Type in your blog’s Website address under Site Url , scroll back up and under App Domains, type in your blog’s address over there too.
Now scroll down and click on Save Changes.
Now scroll back up and click on show near your app secret to make it visible.

app id and app secret

Now copy both your App ID and App secret and go paste them at the Instant Articles Plugin Settings and click on login.

fill in your app id and app secret

Scroll down and click on login with Facebook:

scroll down and click on login with facebook
registered url

Choose the Facebook Page you want to link to Instant Articles and click on Select.
You would see a pop up requesting for some permissions, just click on ok.
Now go back to Publishing Tools and click on Production RSS Feed.

Under Production RSS Feed, type in your RSS feed URl.
Your RSS feed URL should be in this format: http://your blog address/feed/instant-articles.
So if your blog address is smartincomeoffice.com, this is how to go about it:
http://smartincomeoffice.com/feed/instant-articles. Just replace my blog address with yours and click on save.

add rss feed link
success notification

You are now done with your RSS Production.

Instant Articles Styling and Logo
Next is to add a logo to your instant articles before you submit for review.
Still at Publishing tools, click on styles and under styles click on default.

click on default

You will be directed to the customize page.
Leave it as it is, just click on logo to add your blog’s logo and click on Save at the top right.

upload your logo in png format

It is mandatory to add a logo. Without this, you can’t go further.
Note that your logo should be in a PNG format.
If your logo is not in a PNG format, just convert it to PNG using Microsoft paint.
Your logo would be rejected if it is not in a PNG format.


After uploading your logo and clicking save, just click on close at the top left to close customize page.
Now refresh your Publication Tools Page and click on Submit For Review.

submit for review

If everything is done correctly, Submit For Review would be enabled for clicking.
If there are errors, it would be frozen, and Facebook would notify you about those errors.
Sometimes after uploading your logo, and refreshing the Publication Tools page, you will still see an error: “Logo Missing”.
Just go back to the customize or style page, delete the logo and re-upload it.
Then go refresh the publishing tools page once more.
Your page and website have been successfully submitted now, just wait for confirmation to start managing and your instant articles and monetizing them using Facebook audience network to make money.
You will receive confirmation from Facebook between 2 to 5 days.

success notification

Next topic is how to monetize your instant articles after your application is accepted.

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