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Is Protrafficad A Scam? Protrafficad Review

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Before we talk about whether or not Protrafficad is a scam, I would like to mention that over the years, Revenue Share programs have been on the rise in the online money making industry.
Many online marketers struggle to make via multi level marketing and affiliate marketing so many have resorted to revenue shares and high yield investment programs as the easier way out.
The top recruiters in the online marketing game, also use this medium o make even more money, since it is way easier to promote programs that doesn’t require referring to earn.

That said, I personally think 97% of Revenue shares have expiry dates, since the business model is not sustainable.
Though I hate to admit it, Revenue shares are ponzi schemes.
Once there are no new members joining tp pump fresh money into the system, and old members continue to repurchase with their ad packs without putting in fresh money from the pocket, the system will collapse eventually.

Because they won’t stay around forever, you have to learn how to prevent losing money in revenue shares.
Mypayingads so far have earned my trust, since they are trying everything possible to make the program sustainable.
Even with that, they may only last for about 4 to 5 years, I presume, unless they are able to push funds into the system from external sources, like it is done at Futurenet.

The expiry date for most revenue shares is two to three years, but with Mypayingads, I predict they would grow stronger, despite the recent change in policies, introduced as a long term plan.

Now to the subject matter: Is Protrafficad A Scam?
Let us scrutinize Protrafficad:

Website doesn’t look bad at all; DDoSProtected and SSL secured.

Launch Date – September 01, 2016

Total Members As At 8th April, 2017, 15:00 GMT –

Total Payouts – $377.06

Adpack and Compensation Plans:

Earning Opportunity #1: 


All members can earn by visiting websites listed in the “Earn money” page (PTC-“Paid to Click” Advertisements). These are upto 500 ads listed by other members of our site.

Free Offers, Playing ClixGrid, Shopping Online, Paid Surveys, Micro Tasks, Contests.


Earning Opportunity #2 – Revenue Sharing Rewards (Profit Sharing):


We share profits (excluding 10% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Advertisement Packs from us. Revenue sharing is done until the members receive up to150% earnings on their adpack purchases.

Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Adpacks. In principle, we cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity. As it is not an investment program or a money making opportunity, we have the maximum earning potential as a maximum withdrawal of $15000 per month only. Any additional earnings through revenue sharing rewards and/or referral commissions have to be used to make additional advertising services at PTA and cannot be withdrawn from the system. This clearly conveys that PTA is not a money making opportunity but a pure online advertising platform with an additional but limited earning opportunity.


Earning Opportunity #3 – Referral Commission:


As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site, we offer all our members 10% referral commission on every purchase made by their direct referral (Level 1 referrals only and not from multi level referrals).


Eligibility to receive profit sharing:


1. Members must first purchase Adpacks.

2. Then the member MUST also log into PTA account on a daily basis and surf at least 10 of our members websites in the traffic exchange module.


In short:

Below are the AdPacks (Advertisement Packages) offered at this site:




Ad-Pack Plan 1:

Cost of AdPack: $5

Banner Credits: 200

PTC Credits: 100

Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 250

Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 115%

90% Repurchase rule

No Required Membership

Maximum active adpacks one can have: 30


Ad-Pack Plan 2:

Cost of AdPack: $25

Banner Credits: 1000

Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1000

Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 120%

30% Repurchase rule

Required Membership : Vip

Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100


Ad-Pack Plan 3:

Cost of AdPack: $50

Banner Credits: 5000

Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1000

Revenue Sharing Rewards: Upto 130%

20% Repurchase rule

Required Membership :GOLD

Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000




Withdrawal requests are allowed everyday at ProTrafficAd. Minimum amount to withdraw is $10 for payza and $5 for all other, and maximum amount each member can withdraw is $300 per day, provided they have sufficient withdrawal amounts in their accounts.


ProTrafficAd Advertising:

ProTrafficAd offers the following advertising products:


1. Traffic Exchange Views  – For every Ad Pack purchased, member gets certain TE  credits and they get the views to their listed programs according to their credits.


2. Login Ads – These ads are viewed by all members that login in to their account daily to surf the ads.


3. PTC Advertisements – Paid To Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link.


4. Banner Ads – We offer credits and fixed (static) banner ad packages, in 3 different sizes, (125×125,468×60,728×90).


5. Text Ads – We offer Credit and Fixed (static) text ad packages.


6. PPC Banners – Pay per click (PPC) is an advance advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link.


7. PPC Text Ad – Pay per click (PPC) is an advance advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link.”

My Verdict:

Well, well, well, this is nothing new compared to the numerous others.
And just like a lot others, protrafficad doesn’t have external sources of income to sustain it for years.
The daily withdrawal limit is incredibly $300! The Revenue share giants are even struggling with a $100/$200 limit. $300 is way too much.
I can also see A Store Menu among their Main Menu, but it looks like Amazon affiliate marketing.
This is not a guaranteed source of income, and even if it is, it wouldn’t be enough to sustain the system.
I don’t want to say this is Scam but protrafficad definitely wouldn’t be here for long.

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