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The Raw Truth You Need To Know About MDCM: My Daily Cash Machine

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So I caught one of the pioneers of MDCM  –William G Bryant off guard in a chat about MDCM.
He wasn’t aware it was an interview so I caught him off guard with provoking and controversial questions about My Daily Cash Machine to get him to reveal uncut info about MDCM, devoid of rehearsed marketing lines .
William is also the closest to owner of MDCM- Shane Brewer.
Here is how things panned out:

Karisma: Hello William, I have a concern I’d like to discuss with you.
About Shane, don’t you think it is high time he showed his face? People complain about that.
It gives the impression he is hiding something. 

William: Who cares about what impression people get of that…
We only care about him taking care of business behind the scenes.
Shane has been the same person from Day One 


Karisma: kk well if you say so, you know him better!

William: You should know your business better than to let whispers get in your ear about the owner
You are the guy who started with 1 adpack, right?
And where are you with it now?
That means your business has proven itself to you.
What has those other people who raising the questions proved to you?
Bosses don’t waiver on their proven business for no one.


Karisma: No it is not about that, I believe in MDCM for sure.
Sometimes you talk to networkers, they ask you about the owner, and when they find out about his anonymity, they back out.

And no i didn’t begin with 1 adpack, not the one.

William: Then if they back because of that, then they were looking for an easy way out.
Boss, you gotta stick to your script

Did his profile picture or lack thereof stop you?


Karisma: lol it didn’t, but it is stopping others

William: Then don’t tolerate excuses from others
You have to go after the people with your mindset
Let the others fall to wayside
You don’t know the people waiting to connect with you
Your story is and passion is too powerful for you to appease the considerations of stall
Whatever people excuse is then that’s their stall
Don’t you get caught up in their stall
Money is a currency agenda
And it will keep it moving on you

MDCM will make you a millionaire if you stick to your guns about it


Karisma: I get it big boss. Anyway, just tell him to get some nice profile pic one day hehehehe

William: I’ll never tell him
I never raised that as a concern from Day One

Won’t start now


Karisma: I can tell MDCM is solid and doing well, judging from past experiences, I can tell Shane is doing a great job but we’d like to see Shane hehe


William: I’m more worried about the mindset


Karisma: Ikr, anyway so come 2020, you think MDCM will still be around, judging from how it is being run now?

William: Boss
The natural consequence of MDCM’s model is that we will make more and more money as more and more people join us
I want you to think about this:

Every dime that comes into our MDCM CPA Network is like free money because MDCM only paid a few hundred bucks to buy the platform several months ago. We’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from a few hundred dollars buy of the CPA platform.

Karisma: oh kk cool, but you said we will make more when people come in, isn’t that a ponzi?
And what if people join no more, would that be the end?
William: No
That means you’re not understanding your business

MDCM makes money across our multiple platforms


Karisma: yeah I know very well, casino, online gaming, bitcoin mining, cpa network etc.
But would that be enough to take care of the shares, suppose nobody joins again?


William: Which means when more people come into MDCM itself, then more people will be exposed to our casino and our CPA sites, which means more revenue will be generated from MDCM growing its base membership


Karisma: My question is, what if the people don’t come?

William: How could you ask that question

You want an answer for every possible scenario you can cover?


Karisma: well let’s just say I am oblivious about this model and I want to know more

William: “What if people don’t come” defies the adage: “Build it and they will come”

When they “build it” they mean “build it right”, which MDCM is


Karisma: ok i agree with you on that, as mdcm keeps growing.

William: Here’s one thing I want you to keep in mind
At some point we have to decide to act or not act based on the info that we have

Based on all of the info you have about MDCM

Karisma: sure I understand that, thanks.

So back to Shane boss, allow me to ask again, do you do video calls with him?


William: The question for you is: If you can’t trust MDCM, then what can you trust?

Karisma: Seen his face?
I trust mdcm based on my own experiences
But i need to ask questions!


William: Go in his profile and look at his face


Karisma: People ask questions and deserve answers

William: Good luck on that one
I don’t cater to every question
People have motives that they don’t state
Those motives are always hidden behind excuses
I didn’t ask for a face
I went
I studied the business
I bought services
I promoted
Anyone else can do the same or not

That’s my marketing approach

Karisma: kk I agree, I did same. But have you ever done a video call with Shane?
Just answer this pls
William: Yes

He said as much himself

Karisma: oh kk I see
And in your conversations, what do you think drives him?
Does he have a good vision for the company?

William: Intellect drives Shane


Karisma: I know you have the ability to detect foul play

William: Understatement!

I see things and people for what they are across any divide


Karisma: hmm kk


William: I see your sudden attempt to appease the considerations of tyrants


Karisma: so with regard to what happened to Traffic Monsoon, is mdcm not on the same path to doom?


William: Which means you’ve been talking to some “gurus”

Karisma: no boss far from, that.
People ask questions and I am the voice of such people

I want to bring everyone in


William: Anyone have questions then create zoom conference and lets deal with those questions live

Karisma: sure
My question though:
So with regard to what happened to Traffic Monsoon, is mdcm not on the same path to doom?


William: Tell me what are the similarities that raises your question?
PayPal had TM money before the SEC did
It was only because of PP that the SEC got to TM

So how could that happen here?


Karisma: oh kk i see, now i know

William: How do you compare TM to MDCM?

Its like you don’t understand the distinction


Karisma: I thought it was due to getting into trouble with USA


William: No


Karisma: Never knew Paypal was behind it, I get it now

William: Thats the nature of fear

It stems from ignorance


Karisma: kk I’m not mad, learning

William: The best way to learn is to not be a conduit
Don’t be the leaf
The leaf gets caught up in currents
Be the tree

Firm in your position yet growing upward and outward

Karisma: Sure boss I am more than a Baobab for MDCM hehehe.
People ask questions and they deserve answers, so I won’t leave them hanging
William: I leave em hangin all the time!

I got a business to promote!


Karisma: kk I understand but some of these are also confused MEMBERS

William: Man, you trippin!
If you want to make money in this space then stay out of the context of the chaos

How can you be confused about MDCM?


Karisma:  I’m not, they are, but the picture is getting clearer now

William: If you cater to that mindset then you’ll never make any real commission money
I’m telling you man, leave the crabs in the bucket
Don’t jump in with them
If people aren’t willing to put in the work that you put in
Then they are not worth considering
MDCM is a commitment scheme
Notice all of the people who getting money committed
Either financially or time wise
Or both
If other people aren’t willing to commit but always have another question, man leave those people where they stand and go find a way to promote your business some more

Then go smoke a blunt to relieve yourself of dealing with the stress of people who need their hand held in going after the money

Karisma: hehe I hope they’ll get a better view from this lens.
Sure, I’m treating MDCM as my number one business. I know the potential
William: Then don’t tolerate any other opposing viewpoints, Boss
We not trying to coax no one into joining MDCM
Let your success be their reason
Keep showing your results and promote your MDCM referral link constantly

That’s all that we the members have to do is promote our links

Karisma: Anyway, thanks for your time but you just had a live written interview on Smart Income Office! hahaha I had to do it this way cos people tend to skip videos, but articles, people click on them and read when they are interesting. Thanks for your time, and have a goodnight.
Long live MDCM!

William: I knew it seemed strange


Karisma: hahaha


William: I started to mention that!

Karisma: you got served
Night boss, off to watch game of thrones
William: I’m off to…………………
 Chat Conversation End
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