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Reasons Why Musicians And Organizations Need Bloggers So Bad

Unauthorized Copy Of This Post Is Highly Prohibited

*Unauthorised copy of this post is highly prohibited*
Hello and welcome once again to Smartincomeoffice, this post was originally written on one of my blogs-karismaonline.org.
You may be asking why bloggers are needed “so bad”.
Well, many a people think it is fame that make an artiste popular on search engines like Google.
Indirectly, this is true because when you are a famous musician, bloggers will write about you and post your music on their websites.
I remember some time ago, someone told an upcoming musician that I would only take you serious if I search for you on google and your music pops up!
You know what, it is not by magic or fame that you search for an artiste on a search engine like Google and their stories and images pop up.
Google and other search engines don’t go about hunting and keeping records of famous people on TV and radio.
Musicians owe it all to bloggers!

Now, after developing a website, every blogger/website developer who means business would submit their site map to search engines like Google for indexing.
Google upon receiving the sitemap would send the Googlebot to crawl through the website to index the database of the website in the search engines.
(I will define some of these terms at the end of the post).
Because there is massive competition, some websites are ranked higher than others, irrespective of the fact that they talk about the same story.
Factors that affect these are quality of content, traffic or popularity of website, proper use of keywords, number of words etc.
For example, if you search for “how to make money” on google, you would notice that some websites are ranked higher than others:
A website at the top, another following at the second, another at the third, fourth, fifth and some even appear as far as the second to the last pages.
This is what we call search engine optimization or indexing.
A good content, traffic, popularity of site, age of website, proper use of keywords etc, are all contributing factors that ensure that your posts get higher ranking in search engines among billions talking about the same thing.

Another practical example with reference to “how to make money”:
Proper repetition of the key phrase “how to make money” in your posts is among the factors that would get your post about “how to make money” a good rank in search engines (Search Engine Optimization).
If you read through again, you would notice that throughout this post, I keep repeating the word “bloggers” and  “search engines”, those are my key words.



Back to the subject matter, no matter how famous you are as an artiste, no matter how popular your company is, and regardless of how many times your songs are played on radio, if no blogger writes about you/your art/your business, you would have zero presence on the internet.
If your song or company is searched for among major search engines like Google, either nothing would pop up or a company/song somewhere in the globe with the same/similar brand with online presence would pop up.

You may not be famous, but you could be easily accessible online if a lot of bloggers write about you.
With that said, another major factor with respect to becoming easily accessible online is choosing a unique brand name because of the fierce competition online.

I want to use myself as an example here.
Aside blogging, I do music too and my brand name is Karisma.
Unfortunately, Karisma is not unique hence my online presence as a music artiste is incredibly poor.
I thought about rebranding but the harm has already been done since I have attached the brand name Karisma to other stuffs like Karisma Tv on Youtube, Karismaonline.org, which is my blog, Karisma labels, which is my soon to launch clothing line etc.

To rectify this, I’d have to get a lot of bloggers to blog about me.
If you search for Karisma on Google now, the first to pop up would be a famous Indian artiste named Karisma Kapoor, followed by other websites, hotels and other artistes with Karisma attached.

I am nowhere to be found among these, probably at the very last page from a million list I guess!
This is part of the reasons why artistes do rebranding.
Example being Samini, who used to ‘go by’ the stage name Batman!
Like seriously?
No matter how huge your online presence, you can never ever compete with the movie Batman on search engines!
Batman has zillions of articles written about it by world renowned bloggers put on higher pedestals by Googlebot.


So now you know how crucial it is for you to get your business online in this 21st century.
A lot of bloggers charge huge sums for posting your music, business etc.
Some of us do it for you free of charge!
Don’t take the blogger for granted; he/she is the reason why you are easily accessible on search engines.

Terms and Definitions by kissmetrics:
The Googlebot is simply the search bot software that Google sends out to collect information about documents on the web to add to Google’s searchable index.

Crawling is the process where the Googlebot goes around from website to website, finding new and updated information to report back to Google. The Googlebot finds what to crawl using links.

Indexing is the processing of the information gathered by the Googlebot from its crawling activities. Once documents are processed, they are added to Google’s searchable index if they are determined to be quality content. During indexing, the Googlebot processes the words on a page and where those words are located. Information such as title tags and ALT attributes are also analyzed during indexing.

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