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Why I Resigned From My Good Paying Job To Become My Own Boss

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I quite remember before I was hired as a national service personnel at this shipping company, where I would eventually be employed full time after end of national service, I went through a series of interviews; one of which was by the head of Human Resource that period.

The HR manager asked what my career goals were, and I responded bluntly in her face that I wanted to be an entrepreneur!
Seriously, who says this? You must be thinking.
Well her reaction was no different, she mocked my reply, together with the others in the office.
She said she ‘understood’ me but aside aspiring to be an entrepreneur, where did I aspire to be in that particular company in some years to come.
Once again I replied I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and that I didn’t really have a long term goal there.
She was completely shocked and irritated but kept her cool, as the HR team in the office continued to giggle secretly.
I am certain in her mind she was asking; “who is this dumb fool?”

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself.
Emmanuel Osei is my name and I am the owner of Smart Income Office.
I studied science in high school and diverted to do business in the university because my dream to become a medical doctor changed when I was 19.
I love food, music, expeditions and oh, football!
I believe it is not fair in life to miss a football game on tv just because you have to go to work.
I am lazily hardworking(whatever that means).
I studied Public Administration at the University of Ghana Business School. 

I don’t intend to further my ‘education’ as I vowed to not read even a billboard after university; masters, mphil what???
I remember back in university, I was among the few ones who had A+ in Constitutional Law.

A paper that was supposed to be very difficult. 
This lawyer of a lecturer kept on terrorizing us that the best grade one could get for his Constitutional Law paper was a B+.

He was therefore shocked we scored A+, so the few ones who scored the A+ were invited to the departmental head’s office and we were congratulated after a long speech. 
I even thought we were going to be awarded with cash prizes but we were not, to my disappointment. 
During the meeting, we were asked to explain some of these law terms, and whiles everyone was busy explaining and defining these terms perfectly, I remained mute.
The departmental head privately asked me why later, and I told him I’d forgotten.
He then surprisingly asked; ah, then how did you get the A+? 
I replied: I only revised, passed and forgot…..
Isn’t that what the ‘educational’ system is all about anyway; PASS?
The system has been designed in such a way that we have been programmed to aim at RESULTS rather than KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION.

This is not to boast about that grade though, because those who swept all best student awards are even quiet, but the point I am trying to make is I really don’t care about academia; the masters, mphil, what, what mean nothing to me.
I am not writing this to forcefully put on a mantle of reverence nor inflate my ego, but I honestly don’t care about a lot of things people have sleepless nights over.

I don’t take pride in school, I take pride in education; there is a difference between the two.
If I ever go against my word to not go back to school, I would not go back for any masters program-
I would go to study Chinese, Spanish, German and computer programming.

Anyway, I am currently a blogger, network/online marketer and a business/marketing coach.
In other words, I AM UNEMPLOYED!(haha)


It has always been a dream of mine to be my own boss and run my own empire.
The thought of working for someone and reporting to a boss every morning has been ‘scary’ to me since high school days.
After University, it took a lot of “you must apply, “are you stupid?”, “what do you mean you don’t want the job?”, “how would you make money if you don’t apply for the job?”, “you are growing don’t be childish”, “come on go to that office and send your cv”, “you have a job interview at 9am, why are you still sleeping?”, “be serious in life”, etc, to finally get me to work during my national service. Those words of course came from my parents, hehe.

Although I got employed via my national service in a reputable shipping company, I never really liked the idea of  a”JOB”.
It is not in my DNA, I am different, rare, awkward, I even wanted to be a boss at 19!
I want freedom, I don’t want to be confined within a defined circle, I hate waking up at 3am because I hate sleeping before 12am.
I want to work and close anytime I want, I want to travel anytime and not just on a 30 day annual leave…

I actually tried to sabotage my own job interview but it didn’t work, crazy huh.
I would be lying through my teeth though, if I say the job wasn’t helpful, it did help me make some cash.
I however still wasn’t fully committed to the JOB and wasn’t interested in any sort of promotion whatsoever; I just wanted to do what I was assigned to do and leave when the time was due.
I actually planned to resign after 2 years in my place of work but that would have raised a fire alarm at home as nobody understood me, and of course nobody knew about the other business ventures I was involved in alongside my job, so I kept mute on my desire to resign and endured for 2 more years.

The Absurdity Of Job Interviews:
Back to my first interview with my Human Resource Manager, you know what, it is not because I didn’t know the ‘right’ answers to give, but I hate political correctness.
It is almost as if we have been programmed to think one way: no form of diversity and no room for
‘outside the box thinkers’.
It is almost as if we want to hear the same things year in year out.
“Oh I want to be supervisor in 3 years then go ahead to become a manager”.
” I want to be head of this department….. “
These are the answers most HR managers want to hear, so most interviewees attend job interviews programmed this way.
No room for creativity, no room for diversity; be stiff necked and follow the norm.
Everyone wants to be politically correct.
Haven’t we become walking robots controlled by academia?

If I….
No, WHEN I establish my own firm, I am not going to hire those who came to impress, those who revised everything about my company to recite it in front of me.
That one special person who seems like the ‘stupid one’ because he didn’t prepare enough by reading more about the company, the one who wasn’t prepared enough but is able to come up with something to say at least; that is the one I’m going to hire.
Out of such people the world was blessed with the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Aristotle, Jack Ma etc: the odd ones out!

No, I wouldn’t be hunting for those who have become educated robots; who think as if they have been programmed by the books they studied in school.
I wouldn’t be impressed by your ability to define every term you memorised in your pamphlet.
Companies mostly end up hiring those who have memorised enough, against those who can actually do the job but haven’t memorised enough.
Interviewees are mostly caught between saying what is right, and what they feel will impress the interviewer.
A lot of job interviews are absurd and not natural as a result.

I remember during one of the annual Self Appraisal/Employee Engagement Survey, one of the questions was “where I saw myself in the next five years”.
I told my manager bluntly that ” I don’t see myself here in the next 5 years so I have nothing to fill in there”.
I could tell he was shocked from the expression on his face.
I didn’t intend to be disrespectful but that was it, I had no plans to be there in the next 5 years.
So during the first month of my fifth year as a full time employee in 2017, I sent my resignation letter as planned 4 years back.

Life After Job:
I am currently a full time entrepreneur; full time into blogging, online and offline business coaching via both online and offline seminars, network/online marketing etc.
By the way, people ask, how do bloggers make money?
Well, This Is How Bloggers Make Money.

Back to the subject matter, I do not regret the path I chose since I have been able to leverage my time properly as my own boss.
I am ten times more exposed to opportunities in this circle as compared to before, since I have ample time at my disposal to research, happily work for longer hours because I love what I do, and maximize my opportunities and potential. I am more exposed to opportunities now.
I was actually doing all these part time, back when I was an employee, only that I couldn’t fully focus on it, as I was caught between ‘JOB’ and ‘PASSION’.
I actually began affiliate, network and online marketing right after senior high school; many years back.

It has not been all rosy though.
Whenever I reflect on the money I have lost in these ventures, I say to myself, damn this can buy some serious stuffs.

But these are the failures that groomed me to become a more matured and experienced online marketer and leader that many in this field look up to.
I am therefore not perturbed.

Isn’t it therefore fair to agree to the axiom that failure is a necessity for success?

I currently sleep and wake up whatever time I want to.
I sometimes work from 2pm till as far as 6am next morning, and sleep from 6am till 2pm.
I work with music, movie and food breaks.
I go on long breaks whenever I want to.
I am at liberty to put one long leg on my desk and the other long leg on my bed whiles working.
I don’t have to explain to any boss why I am late nor why I chose to breathe in Carbon dioxide instead of Oxygen(hehe, just by the way).

I don’t intend to be boastful, tease, nor flex my ego.
Neither do I want to discourage anyone.
A JOB is very important but we all have our individual abilities, gifts and aspirations in life.
There are people who most definitely enjoy what they do at their work place and love the idea of a JOB or a corporate environment.
I did not have a passion for the shipping industry but there were colleagues of mine who had the purest of  love for it;  talk of choices.
We all start from somewhere, but let this ring a bell in your mind always:

Flash back to my first interview by the head of HR during my national service, I was mocked for saying I wanted to be an entrepreneur in the next 5 years.
5 years down the line, here I am living exactly what I said I wanted to become.
This is who I am; Guts Over Fear.
Thanks for reading.

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