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How To Identify Online Scammers

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Hello, and welcome to Smart Income Office, I’m your host, Karisma.
Over the years, online investment scam has skyrocketed to an incredible magnitude.
Not again should you fall for scammers.
Never invest your hard earned money in any program if they don’t meet the below listed criteria.
Arm yourself with the following to aid you in your investment decision-making:

What To Look Out For Before Investing Online:

1.Return On Investment (ROI)
-Unless it is a legit crypto mining venture, 99% of Forex/Crypto trading investment programs that promise fixed daily returns are scams running Ponzi schemes!
Having a trading experience myself, it is not possible to make profits 365 days a year!
In trading, you make losses as well. Weekly or monthly payments are more realistic.
Say no to the 2%, 3%, 4% daily investment schemes, they always exit eventually.


Company must be a legal entity- that is, company should be legally registered in the country in which it operates, and should have the license to operate.
Always look out for the regulatory or legal body that incorporated the company in question, together with the company registration number.
Legit financial companies situated in the UK, should be listed on Financial Conduct Authority(FCA)- www.fca.org.uk, which is the regulatory body for all financial institutions in the UK.

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To add to that, www.companieshouse.gov.uk, is the storage body for records of all registered companies in the UK.
Properly scrutinize every company that claim it is situated in the UK, because scammers use UK addresses a lot, since their business laws are lighter, as compared to that of the USA.

Speaking of USA, any investment program that claims it is situated in the USA should be listed on U.S Securities And Exchange Commission- sec.gov, if not, they don’t have the license to operate in the USA, and could exit whenever they want or be ordered to shutdown.

For companies situated in other countries, always look out for the business registration number and the regulatory or registry body.

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3.Owners’ Identity
Never invest in any program if you have no idea who the owner is!
Let this ring a bell in your ears always.
-The identity of the owner(s) should not be concealed, with their locations traceable as well.
By identity, I don’t mean some random picture and name posted on the website.
Owners should reveal themselves on video multiple times, organize events and be present to meet attendees, and also provide contact details where necessary.

-Company should own physical offices with verified addresses.
Never invest in a company with a virtual address. 

Always do your verification on Google Map as well. 
The company name and details should pop up, once you search for the specific address to the company in question.
Beware of companies that use fake addresses, where company is not situated.

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5.Unrealistic High Returns
1% a day in pure Forex or Crypto trading is possible, but risky, 2% a day is also possible, but very, very, risky!
Above a fixed 2% a day is mostly a ponzi scheme.
Suppose it is not a ponzi scheme, and legit trading is being done, its collapse is always inevitable.
It is almost impossible to constantly make 3% a day on every trade for 365 days; that is a 90% a month ROI.
It is difficult to achieve that consistently.
There would be bad days, and there would be no trade days.

Moreover, run away for your life and never look back when you come across investment programs that promise the 10%, 12%, 20% a day ROI, not forgetting the 100% after 2 days, and 70% after 3 hours programs.
These are what are termed High Yield Investment Programs, aka HYIPS.
These programs are scams, period!
Stay away from them, unless you want to gamble with your money.

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