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Why You Need To Start A Business At A Young Age

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Just a quick one…

There is no job like your own job.
Start a business at an early age. Your major objective shouldn’t be to spend huge sums on “education”, graduate and join the boundless job queue.
If you’d be okay with a hand-to-mouth lifestyle, limit your aspirations to securing a job.
Conversely, if the prospects of comfortably paying your bills, saving/investing, and still having enough to go for vacations around the world intrigues you, start a business!

The business ventures that you ridicule, is making others millionaires.
If you have to sell food: waakye, jollof, eggs, honey, meat, palm oil, sell it!
If you have to sell airtime on campus, give it a shot.
If you have to bake bread, bake it.
If you have to go door to door to collect refuse from houses with your truck to dispose it at a fee, do it!
Have a spacious area for a backyard garden? Start digging.
Then apply ingenuity to stand out, that is why you went to school.

The KFCs, Papayes, McDonalds’, Hanch, A1 bread, Google, Amazon, some waste management companies and what have you, commenced on smaller scales too.

Finally acquiring a job and sitting in the office to take home 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 Cedis a month sounds cool for now.
10 to 20 years down the line, you’d be back to “hand-to-mouth” when the first kid is asking for his university fees, and the last one is crying for cerelac.
Get a side hustle, they eventually end up to be even more lucrative than the job.

You can do it, no room for excuses!

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