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Top 5 Web Hosts 2017

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When it comes to web hosting, you think about excellent customer services, no downtime, transparency, loyalty and speed.
Before you choose a web host, you need to do proper checks and read a lot of reviews.
Choosing a web host randomly would cost you your online business; when your web host functions properly, your website will function properly.

Issues like a web host with poor customer service- your submitted tickets are not respond to quickly, a web host that doesn’t pay affiliate commissions, a web host that always has technical glitches, are headaches you should avoid at all cost.

I have tried quite a number of web hosts and here are my top 5 web hosts from my personal experiences, from the experiences of friends and from reviews.
This is however not based on popularity, I do not follow the norm.
Some of the best web hosts are not even known at all.
So here we go:

1.Siteground :
Siteground was founded in 2004 and it serves over 50,000 domains across the globe.
The company has over 320 employees.
Sitegoround provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.
Its headquarters is based in Bulgaria, Sofia to be precise.
Siteground’s SSD-based shared hosting solutions starts from $3.95 per month for starters.
Their CLOUD HOSTING starts from $80 per month.
Note that prices are subject to increase upon renewal.
Siteground has a lot of excellent customer reviews across the globe.
Sign up here to purchase hosting at Siteground.

2.Bluehost :
Bluehost is a popular and traditional name in web hosting.
Bluehost was founded in 2003 and its headquarters is in Utah, USA.
Bluehosts and its sister companies like ipage, hostmonster and dreamhosts serve over 2 million domains across the globe.

I personally tried the services of Bluehost when I decided to finally move from blogger and purchase my own domain.
Bluehost’s services are great and their customer service support is not bad too.
I didn’t really get an issue with bluehost, only that my website was suspended once due to verification issues.

Bluehost’s Basic plan(50GB space) starts from $2.95 per month., the Plus plan(Unlimited space) starts from $5.45 per month, the Prime plan(unlimited space) also starts from $5.45 just like the Plus plan, only that the Prime plan has more additions like domain privacy and site backup.

Be however informed that prices increase upon renewal since these prices are mostly for promotional purposes.
So expect your hosting bills to increase after your one or two years hosting purchase.
Bluehost also has a Go Pro plan, which includes everything in the Prime package, “plus a high performance server and more”.
Click here to purchase hosting on Bluehost.

You may not have heard of this company in your lifetime but it is actually my favourite!
I put Nakroteck here because of their flawless customer services.
With Nakroteck, they chase you with solutions, you don’t have to remind them about a ticket you sent 5 days ago!
Nakroteck’s headquarters is based in Ghana but their servers are located in Canada and France.

I have tried bluehost and I have fried ipage, but Nakroteck is by far my best host!
If you want to move your entire website from one server to another because you are not pleased with services, trust Nakroteck customer service to do it for you for free.
Unlike other support teams at other hosts, Nakroteck support team has in-depth knowledge about IT, so it is easier to get your issue addressed to.

Nakroteck provides Shared host, VPS SSD, VPS Cloud and dedicated hosting services.
What I love about Nakroteck is that their dedicated hosting service costs less than what is charged for shared hosting at other hosting companies. Trust me, you will love Nakroteck.
Click here to sign up and purchase hosting at Nakroteck.

Well I am yet to try hosting services at One.com, but from  the feedback I get from friends who use one.com hosting services, I am convinced their services are top notch.
A particular web designer friend of mine has used one.com for years and has never experienced down time. From my observations, their customer service is top notch too.
Their prices are a lot more cheaper compared to the popular hosts.

At one.com you get free hosting for a year. Yes, there is a Free plan with 25GB space.
Next is the Professional Plan(100GB space), which costs just around $2.5 per month, followed by the Professional Plus plan(200GB space), which costs around $3.6 per month, then the Business Plan(500GB space), which costs around $12.3 per month.
These prices are subject to increase too, but one.com hosting prices are still cheaper than a lot of other host plans.

Ehost is one of the mothers of web hosting.
Established in 1998, Ehost has been serving millions of domains.
Ehost is owned by Endurance International Group(EIG), like iPage, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc.
Well, Ehost has some of the cheapest hosting plans for starters.
But just like the others, prices increase upon renewal.
I wouldn’t talk much about Ehost since their services are almost the same as Bluehost, iPage and the likes from the EIG group.


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