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Try… What If It Works???

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“The queue to the ATM machine was something else because we all wanted to withdraw money. Although there was another machine beside it, nobody moved towards the second machine. We had about 25 people on one single queue.
When my sis & I got there, I also went to queue but she asked one of the customers what was wrong with the other machine. ‘I don’t know’, he said, ‘… but somebody said there is no money in it’.

After listening to that ‘somebody’ tale, my sis told me to move straight to the machine everyone neglected and inserted my card. Lo and behold, the same machine ‘somebody’ said would not work, dispensed the sum of N25,000.
As we were walking away likea magician, others who saw some cash I had withdrawn
broke away from the initial queue and rushed to that machine.Why did I tell you this experience?1. People don’t get something they need from somewhere because they refused to try.2. People refused to try because ‘somebody’ somewhere said it won’t work.3 The somebody somewhere may be an old authority who doesn’t believe in evolution.4. People won’t take steps to do what others don’t do because of the ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ question.5. People ask this question because they don’t want to take risks.6. Those who don’t take the risk of checking if the other machine is working will remain on the long queue and may not even get what they need eventually. Meaning achieving in 2hrs what they could have achieved in 2min.

7. When a pacesetter comes and succeeds after ‘chesting’ the criticisms, others break ranks and follow him.

Therefore, stop believing ‘the somebody’ that asks ‘what if it doesn’t work?’

Ask another question: ‘What if it works?’

Never allow anybody to discourage you!”

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