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Letter To My Unborn Son

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This is just by the way.

My son,

Trust this message finds you well in nowhere land or in the mind of God.
My sperm cells are yet to locate the eggs of your mother to form an eukaryotic cell called zygote. You’d become a foetus eventually with fully developed features in about 9 months later.
Isn’t it wonderful how everything is well structured and planned?
Don’t you wonder the brain behind this and how it was all designed? Yet these atheists say all of these came from nothing!

Anyway, wherever you are now, you would have to start practicing with those legs immediately you come out from the womb, my son. You may not fully grasp why now, but you certainty would in the subsequent paragraphs.
The next thing you would learn to do after walking and talking is not to write in my first copy book!
No, no.
Right from your mother’s womb, I would be standing there with a football.
My son you must see me holding the ball.
I will make you touch it and feel it.
It is what you are going to play with for the rest of your life in this crazy world of ours.
You will love it, don’t worry.
We used to play it for fun, but my son, you see, currently in this crazy world, people play it for fun too and make billions of dollars.

On your 7th Birthday, you must sign for Chelsea, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich!
Don’t worry my son, you will still further your education.
Whatever degree you want, be it medicine, law, engineering etc, go get it I would support you.
After, just throw it under your bed and continue with your football.
You will easily learn how to fluently speak foreign languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French etc. Yes you would be taught comfortably in these football clubs.

My son, I am in my twenties as I write this.
My monthly salary is nowhere close to what these guys make in a week-
Sorry I mean my annual salary!
Yes my annual salary is nowhere close to what these guys make in a week.

See, my age mates like Gareth Bale, Sanchez, Neymar, Messi, Suarez, Andrew Ayew, etc make  uncountable times what I make in a month, in a week! Lord have mercy! I work 8 to 12 hours a day. I work on weekends and even on holidays because of the industry I work in.

But these guys, they work for 90 minutes a week at least! Yes I acknowledge that they train hard and blah, blah, blah, but I also wish I had a personal trainer who would push me beyond my comforts for that ripped physique, and oh, in a world class standard gym! These guys get all these and still make fifties and hundreds of thousands a week!
Yes, my son, there is a possibility for you to earn £100,000 a week in this crazy world of ours, minus winning bonuses, goal bonuses, image rights, commercials, sponsor fees etc.

After making a lot of money and becoming famous globally, you can then choose to move to China at 30 years and earn even 3 times more what you earned in Europe!
As for the money you would make from the national team -, you can use it to buy baby food for your kids and that’s even someone’s life savings.
It doesn’t even end there my son!

When you are 36 years, you could choose to retire and enrol for a uefa coaching course.
You may succeed like Zidane, Luis Enrique, Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone, Antonio Conte etc.
You see my son, all these guys once upon a time, played football too.
They made millions playing and now they make millions coaching!

They say money can’t buy happiness, but my son, it can surely buy your family a mansion in Monaco.
Prepare for this my son.
Until then, I have bought you 77 footballs.

Emmanuel Osei(Karisma)
Smart Income Office.

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Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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