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    Naa Adaku

    Very true. It’s sad how so much emphasis is placed on education. I’m in the field and I can clearly see children who are ‘not cut out’ for school. The big question is, how do you advice parents of such children? On Careers Day 70 percent of pupils are dressed as doctors. It’s very funny seeing some of ‘those kids’ also in their white coats. Hmmm I rest my case

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      Spot on.
      It has become some sort of ‘ritual’ so ‘one’ would be demonized if they attempt to deviate from the norm by parents. It only takes Parents who look at the broader picture.

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    You make very good points but am sorry but I feel you made some superficial assumptions. What is the guranteee that his business will flourish? Also as you talk about investing the monies in the bank and going to school later, you should also consider cost of inflation when going to school later years.
    Your points are valid but it doesn’t hold for everyone poor kid out there. Some get “lucky”.

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    Romeo A. Emmanuels

    This is a wise counsel. I’m currently in university of Cape Coast, level 100, taking care of myself and still in business. There are a lot of problems around us. Each of such problems is a huge opportunity waiting to explode. For me, it is an inditement on once intelligence to be in school for 4 years, complete and be jobless. What did you learn in the school then?
    Let’s start doing something on our own and for ourselves, no matter how little.

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    Like I’m super happy someone has also observed this. People merely think that graduating from the university and being called a graduate is the ultimate thing to success. When I read the story I was like, this is exactly what happened to me. When I graduated from high school four years ago, I was priviledged to gain admissions into the university of Ghana with most of my class mates but I looked at myself and where I’m from and I knew for sure my parents can’t afford my fees and other stuffs for my upkeep. I so wanted to go to school so badly especially my life-long dream school; UG but then I decided to venture into another business and now I don’t need to go to people and interviews in such of a job. In fact I give employment to others including graduates ‘sef’. I now comfortable do my degree online with a foreign university.
    Thumb up to this story.

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    Bello Muhammed Shola

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