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Whatsapp Brings Back Text Status As Promised Last Week. Step By Step Guide…

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Barely a month ago, Whatsapp released an update which gave users the ability to update whatsapp status with videos and photos which lasts for 24 hours. This was allegedly done to ignite competition with snap chat. The famous and cherished whatsapp text status update was however removed.

This raised a lot of complaints among whatsapp users, who wanted the permanent whatsapp text status back. There were mixed reactions as others were also of the view that the video and status updates were better.

The majority who wanted the whatsapp text status back, seemed to have carried the vote, as Whatsapp released a statement last week, stating that the whatsapp text status was back on the beta version of Android, and would be visible on all other devices this week. So as promised by Whatsapp, the whatsapp text status appeared on all devices on Monday, 20/03/17.

How To Update Whatsapp Text Status And Where To Find Whatsapp Text Status Of Contact Lists:
Before you get started, make sure you have updated your whatsapp at play store on your android device or on your market if you use ios. After updating, follow these steps:

To update your Whatsapp text status, go to settings. To visit settings, click on the three dots next to the search icon at the top right, as in this photo: 

Then click on Settings as shown below: 

After clicking on Settings, your profile would pop up, and you would see your whatsapp text status at the about section like it can be seen on my profile below: 

To view a whatsapp text status update on your list, just go to your chat list, click on whoever’s text status you want to view as in trying to start a chat, click on the person’s name, then scroll down to About and Phone, to view the text status, as shown below: 

  Others also complain about not being able to locate their contact lists. After updating your whatsapp, you will notice this green message icon hovering around, click on it to view your contact list: 

Hope this tutorial was helpful. *Unauthorized Copy Of This Post Is Highly Prohibited*

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