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Step By Step Guide On How To Monetize Your Youtube To Make Money From Your Videos

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Hello and welcome back to Smart Income Office.
I hope my previous article on how to make money on Youtube was insightful and helpful as well.
If you missed that article, read here: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE.
I got quite a number of feedback on that article with people requesting for a blue-print guide on how to set everything up and how to monetize youtube.
If you are really ready to get started, switch on your gadget and follow these steps step, by step.
So here we go:

To get started, you need to join the Youtube partner program:
Sign in to your Youtube account.
To sign in to your Youtube account, all you need is a Gmail; I”m sure most of us are aware of that.
For the newbies, just register for a gmail email address and sign in.
Now go to youtube.com and you should see your account already signed in at the top right.
Alternatively, don’t sign in first at gmail, just go straight to Youtube.com and you’d see the blue “sign in” icon at the top right, click on it and sign in.
If you click on sign in and you have already signed in to your gmail, your gmail account image will appear at the top right.
If you haven’t signed in already, google would direct you back to sign in at Gmail.

So after signing in at Youtube, click on your gmail icon at the top right corner, some options would pop up, then click on “Creator Studio”
You would be directed to your Youtube dashboard.
Among the lists at the far left, click on Channel, then under Channel in the drop down, click on “Status and Features”.

Then scroll down a little and look for Monetization, then click on enable under monetization. I have not tried this process with a phone yet though, the process I am taking us through is what I see on my pc screen.
Anyway, after clicking on enable, you would be directed to the monetization set up page, click on Get Started.

Now read the terms involved in the partnership program(make sure you read this, don’t skip it like most terms & conditions because it has a lot of info in there), check/tick the boxes and click on I Accept.

Now before we continue, be informed that you would need to set up an Adsense account to proceed.
If you are not familiar with Adsense, “AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.” – Webopedia.
To add to Webopedia’s definition, the program currently isn’t designed for just website publishers, “youtubers’ also have the opportunity to earn from their videos just like bloggers/publishers, when ads are displayed on their videos.

That was just by the way, let’s keep the ball rolling:
Now click on Set Up Adsense Account, then click on create account if you don’t already have an adsense account. If you have one, just log in.
After clicking on Create Account, a form will show up after the page reloads; fill the form.
After filling the form, click on next step and read the “privacy and terms”, then just follow instructions from there to continue.
When you are done, just scroll through your Youtube page and learn more at the Creator Studio section I mentioned earlier in this tutorial.

At Creator Studio, you’d see options like Dashboard, Video Manager, Channel, Analytics, Community etc.
Play with the options, figure out what each one of them is used for, and you’d soon be conversant with this.
When you are done, you should see ads displayed on your videos.
If you come across any difficulty from here, leave a comment under this article and you would be responded to.

I’d also like to mention that, it is not that easy to make money on youtube; it takes a lot of hard work and hit videos to make money on youtube.
But if others are doing it, why can’t you do it too?
I was not really focused on making money on Youtube until recently, since I was more focused on blogging.
But it wouldn’t be a crime to earn from both, would it?
So I decided to create a YouTube channel and upload some videos. I made some peanuts of pounds sterling in my first month, in addition to what I made from blogging.

This year, I have decided to invest more in interesting and quality videos to make money on YouTube. I will keep you updated with my progress.

Again, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, traffic and good videos to make it on YouTube. If you are a music artiste with good songs and quality videos, it would be easier for you to post more videos. If your songs are not yet hits, you need to promote your videos well to get huge traffic to your YouTube channel to make money on YouTube.

However, if you are not a musician, I gave practical examples in this article : HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE, check it out.

Also be mindful that, google frowns upon watching your own videos several times or clicking on the ads with the intention to increase your earnings; you get banned by google.
Don’t also ask friends to go watch your video and click on the ads daily to increase your earnings. If google finds out about any fraudulent behaviour in attempt to increase your earnings, you will be banned.
You will see all of these at the terms and conditions.
Go hard, and wishing you all the best. If you have any question, kindly leave it at the comment section at the end of this post and you would be responded to.

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Emmanuel Osei aka Karisma, is a blogger, a/an network/online marketer, and a content creator. Emmanuel studied Public Administration at The University Of Ghana Business School. After four years working experience in the shipping industry, Emmanuel finally decided to throw his certificate under his bed, and pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is also an online business coach. Contact: smartincomeoffice@gmail.com

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  3. Good morning Sir, please i just logged on and completed all the processes you mentioned in your article. i will like to know how i can upload videos, music, events etc. on youtube.

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